Day One

First day of unemployment. Last night, I stayed up until midnight determined to sleep in (but not be a total sloth about it.) You can imagine my dismay when I awoke at 7:30 to whiny cats. Five minutes later, my cell phone alarm went off (reminding me I had forgotten to disable it). I gave in, fed the cats, and checked to see what had happened with the internet while I slept. But I wanted my leisure time, dammit! If I’m not working, I want to take a few days to not do anything so that I sate myself on laziness and can get stuff done without the threat of flopping on the couch “just for a minute” and spending my afternoons unproductively zoned out. So I went back to bed, and the kitties and I snuggled and napped until almost noon.

I went in and got a CT scan to see how many stones I have (I really like the urologist, he’s very personable, but seriously, I don’t care how many stones I have. Especially since all the kidney stone stuff is largely counter to the holding your bladder stuff! Bah.) and swung by work to return my security badge and parking sticker (which I couldn’t do at the end of the day yesterday because the ID office closes at 5) and then I came home. I knew I was sleepy mostly because I hadn’t had anything to eat (for the CT scan) so I had a snack and read some more in Leaving Microsoft to Change the World. I ended up napping for like 3 more hours. So much for not being a sloth!

To return to the idea of how my mental illness affects me and my passions….When I was at the urgent care last Friday, I was reading the same book, and found myself tearing up practically every other page, two weeks off meds. That day when I finally got home, my meds were in my mailbox, and I started them the next morning. I hadn’t taken the time to pick up Leaving Microsoft again until today, a week later. After a week on my meds, though I am still moved, but no longer cry at each anecdote. I have greater control over how my feelings are expressed.

Apropos of nothing at all, today is Fitzy’s birthday! He and his littermates are 3 years old today (and in a month or so, Zelda will be 4. She wasn’t even a year old when she had them.)

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  1. Enjoy being a sloth for awhile .

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