Still quiet

We’re supposed to get a snowstorm tonight. I’m hopeful, because I love snow, but I also don’t want it to snow because then I don’t get to skate outside and have to *sigh* pay to skate somewhere. (Or use up my free skate coupons from the leg break.)

Fitzy seems to be doing better; he didn’t eat much over the weekend or yesterday, but was behaving like his usual self when not puking, so I wasn’t too concerned yet. Fortunately, he seems to have gotten better, in part because I found every last piece of plastic in the house and thrown it out or secured it in a closet or cabinet. Little bastard thinks it’s great fun to eat grocery bags and packing materials. Dumbass.

I made a list of little chores that need to get done around the place that never do seem to get done. My friend K is doing this thing where she does 26 good deeds to honor the Sandy Hook victims, and she asked on FB if anyone needed any help with anything. I told her I needed someone to come keep me on task while I clean my apartment (which is totes legit, you guys, my friend Comma is the same way. I get distracted SO EASILY when it comes to cleaning. I played the On Task-er for Comma when she was packing up her apartment.) So she might come over this weekend to do that. But some of the cleaning has already happened, so the list is ready in case I get the place cleaned up before she can come over. It’s stuff like “sew the hole in the duvet cover” and “organize the plastic bags so you can stick ’em in a tube like handiwipes” and stuff, but even when I’m like “I WILL DO THIS RIGHT NOW” I end up not doing them, so having someone to sit here and hold me accountable (and entertain me with conversation) will be helpful.

I had a craving for asparagus last night. Which is weird because I hate asparagus with every fiber of my being. I wanted to put it in my couscous. When I was a kid, I used to love to slurp asparagus out of the can with my mom. (We did this with mushrooms too. I didn’t know canned asparagus and mushrooms were a sign of being poor. Which we only sort of were. Like, lower-middle-class. Well-budgeted, that’s what we were.) When I got older (and we got less poor, and thus bought more fresh veggies) I didn’t like it at all. This is just like how oatmeal came back to my life.

When I was a kid, I ate oatmeal a couple of times a week for breakfast (the basic instant packets, you know, not real oatmeal.) Then in high school, I was rereading A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle. Meg has some oatmeal at some point for breakfast after meeting up with Progo and every time I’d read that scene I’d crave oatmeal. (Also, the book made me crave pizza because the first time I read it I got pizza grease on it and now it smells like the cardboard pizza box. But that’s neither here nor there.) One day I decided to make some damn oatmeal, dammit! I did, and was instantly reminded I don’t like oatmeal. (It was the real stuff, that time.) But this happened every couple years until I found a recipe for chai oatmeal, and started making it with milk (I seriously feel like I will vomit if try to eat real oatmeal made with water, I don’t know why. The packets with water? Acceptable. Regular rolled oats made with water? NAUSEATING.) I have 2 oatmeal recipes that I regularly use; the chai oatmeal (although I just eyeball it, really, so it’s not a recipe so much as an assemblage of ingredients) and my super-decadent-but-surprisingly-not-bad-for-you chocolate orange oatmeal (add a spoonful of cocoa and a splash of orange extract, orange oil, or OJ, whatever you have on hand. Sweeten with honey to taste.) So obviously asparagus has seen how this works and is like “I WILL TOTALLY SNEAK IN BWAHAHAHAHA!” (Asparagus is the mad scientist of the veggie world.) Fortunately, (or un-, if you’re a fungi fan,) mushrooms still gross me out. They taste like the inside of my nose smells. (My mom thinks this is hilarious, but it’s TRUE YOU GUYS. I even had a burger at Good Stuff that came with them just to check, and yeah, they’re still gross. But the burger was good!)

So that’s your weird tangent for the day….


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2 responses to “Still quiet

  1. My friends call me anti-fungi! I don’t like the smell, taste, feel, or anything about mushrooms. And I was in my mid/late twenties before I started enjoying asparagus. Still not my favourite vegetable, but I have some good recipes for it – cold and hot.

    • fungi is gross. I don’t know how I ate it as a kid. It was one of the few times my mom would let me sit on the counter, though, and she’d lean next to me, and we’d snake ’em out of the can and eat ’em like chips or popcorn!

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