Still alive!

sorry about the unplanned radio-silence, I have been super lazy đŸ˜‰ and updating my blog involved walking alllll the waaaay to the couch! Starting Monday, I’ll be working a self-imposed schedule, so thing’s will be a bit more regular again. Although I’m going to allow my days to start a bit later than they do when I have a real job.

Giant snow storm was a bust–the MD side of DC got nothing (we didn’t even get full coverage of the grass before it changed to rain and washed the snow away), DC was in the same boat (though it looked lovely coming down!) and VA got a few inches (more the farther west you go, though.) Most places still closed for it, though, and The Boy stayed over Tuesday night and went home Wednesday evening. We made cookies! (They are delicious. Not super sweet, good to have with tea or coffee or cocoa.)

Last night a friend had an extra ticket to the Folger theater’s production of Henry V and graciously invited me to join him. It was really good, you guys, lots of charismatic actors, amazing set. Young Harry was pretty foxy, too, though he seemed sort of bland until his first joke, then his face really came alive. If you can, you should totally check it out. (Seriously, those SETS! *fans self* It was enough to make my inner theater nerd swoon!)

Today I did my first regular workout without a focus on rehabbing my right leg. Turns out that even though I was also trying to keep lefty’s strength up during those sessions, I didn’t do so good a job. Righty is much more comfortable doing full sets of 20 than lefty is. I even preceded the workout with a righty-only balance exercise (turn half-round foam roller over so the flat side is up, stand on it for 30 seconds perpendicular to roller then 30 seconds with foot parallel to roller.)

Have a lead on a possible position at the Senate, one at GPO, one with the Coast Guard, and one with NARA. Hopefully one of these works out!!


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