So Far, So Good!

Day one of Don’t Be A Slug, Unemployed Person! has gone pretty well so far! I didn’t skate Saturday morning, alas, because my brain was a jerk and decided to insomnia my ass Friday night, leaving me with a migraine and a need to sleep. But today started off right, with working out (the booty and off skates workouts from the Roller Derby Workout, plus stretching) followed by a trip to the library and job applying. I went to Anacostia Skate Pavilion after lunch, but only skated for about half an hour. Camilla the Hun was there, and she offered me some advice about leg bracing, and wheels, and skate sizing (I may have to size up a little–my toes are right up against the leather, and hers are back over the front of her plates’ front axle, so it’s something to look into, as is leather boots for my skates) and she gave me a bag of bald wheels to use at Anacostia and Temple Hills to give me a bit more slide for hockey stops and t-stops. She also told me not to feel like a wuss for stopping after so little time, and to listen to my body (which was like “hey, ow, tired now!”) so I don’t overdo it and need even more recovery time, which made me feel better about not going nuts. I basically did a few laps with crossovers, then worked on plow-stops and t-stops. My t-stops were REALLY bad when I started on ’em, but they were acceptable-to-smooth about 75% of the time. I can feel my plates when I turn my feet as I skate, though (for subtle directional adjustments.) It’s why Hun suggested a brace. I have a McDavid ankle sleeve, but it doesn’t support as high as some of my break is, and it doesn’t have any stiff bits.

Not sure what I’ll be doing with the rest of the day. I saved the late afternoon for chores and errands, but I don’t know if I want to deal with kitchen chores or hit the grocery store today. I kinda feel like napping! But I won’t, because then I’ll have issues sleeping tonight. Whatever I do will involve using my butt as little as possible, though!


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