So the rest of yesterday did not go nearly as well…I ended up falling asleep anyway, and when I woke I had a slight headache. Over the course of an hour, it increased to a MAJOR migraine with nausea. I haven’t had nausea from a migraine in almost 2 years. I took a maxalt, because it melts under your tongue, thus the nausea doesn’t interfere with absorption. Alas, it was too small a dose to make a dent. I took a second one after an hour, but I was minutes from seeing if Ding could take me to the ER when it finally kicked in. It fucked my sleep schedule though, and I ended up staying up later than I intended and then waking up at 4 am. I read for a bit and then went back to bed around 6, but the exterminator came by (the complex pays for one to check on things every 3 months) at 9:40, so I didn’t get much extra sleep. I went back to bed after he left, and ended up sleeping until 1 :/ I had plans to meet with a friend in Arlington at 2, so I had to hustle to make it there. So today is kind of a wash, planning-wise. I vow that tomorrow will be better! Hopefully.

My thighs are super sore today, partly from yesterday’s workout and skating, and partly from walking around Arlington. My GPS got all confused and decided 10th was actually Wilson Blvd, and so I had to wander around to find the place we were meeting, (two blocks over and 3 down!) then had to hustle back to my car (and then back) about halfway through our visit to refill the meter. The muscle on my right shin is unhappy, too, although not as sore as my thighs. Tomorrow is supposed to be a legs day, but I think I’ll skip it and do arms instead, since I missed them this morning.

On Saturday I and some DC Rollergirls will be pouring beer at the National Shamrockfest at RFK, if you’re in the area you should check it out!



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2 responses to “Hiccup

  1. I hope your migraine is completely gone.

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