Trying to Float

So, I feel like I don’t have enough to talk about right now to post daily, even though when I posted daily before, it was largely roller derby focused, and now that I can skate and work out again, it can be again. But then I end up focusing on what to talk about here, instead of getting stuff done (i.e. actually working out/skating, running errands, showering, applying for jobs….) and then I feel like I am FAILING AT BEING UNEMPLOYED. What? I don’t even know! But anyway, I am trying to reduce the amount of time I spend online while not reducing social interaction (I barely read twitter, where many of my friends are! I can tweet easily, because phone, but reading it takes SO LONG to find the important convos and figure out the context and whathaveyou, I end up redditing instead :/ ) So on Friday, I didn’t post, because I just didn’t have a thing to say. Think I’m going to promise to deliver 3 posts a week, but not give specific timing for when they’ll be up. You cool with that?

Saturday I joined about 20 of the DC Rollergirls, fresh meat hopefuls, and volunteers at the Shamrockfest to pour and serve beer (and earn mad bank via tips, we hope! Last reported total before “final call” was “I think we passed $2000!” so yay! that’s going in the warehouse fund) which was INCREDIBLY FREEZING but also tons of fun, and most of the drunks were friendly and not creepy. I *did* see one woman, tottering on her extremely high heels, who either wet herself, sat in a puddle, or was the victim of a spill that was focused entirely down her buttcrack, which made me all judgey, but mostly no one was supercreepy or gross or anything like that. I went with my introvert instincts and stayed in back, filling pitchers with cider while we had kegs of that, then opening cans of miller lite when that was all that was left, but the ladies who opted to pour and serve were fantastic, interacting with the crowd like pros. Toward the end of the shift, we found that there was one keg of cider left, so we tapped that and then offered cider for tips, which helped out bottom line πŸ˜‰ then they shut down service before the keg was empty, and we had a (very cold, very QUICK) mini-party behind the fridge-truck to celebrate a job well done before heading to our respective Saturday nights.

Today I’ve been prepping meals for the rest of the week–chicken is prepped for stir fry, (marinating!) gonna do baked chicken plus salad tonight, and tomorrow once I get some penne and provolone, ziti! leftovers to be portioned and frozen, mostly, except the ones stuck in the fridge for when I need a fast meal. Also, laundry needs to be done. So I’m gonna do that right after getting serious:

My friend wrote about the Steubenville rapes, ensuing trial, and the media reaction, and why society is focusing on the wrong things. Support Jane Doe, not rapists. Blame rapists, not victims. Teach children not to rape, not how to avoid being raped. Teach children about consent, and what rape is.



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5 responses to “Trying to Float

  1. I used to post daily before I went back to school. Just never got back into it, and especially not this past year, sigh. I like reading you. πŸ˜€

  2. Considering how little I’ve been posting lately – a short poem on the weekend, YAY!! – I can’t complain about anyone else not posting. πŸ™‚

    Did you watch Hawaii-Five 0 last night? They had roller derby girls on – flat track and actually explained a bit about the game. I thought of you while I was watching.

    • I didn’t, but I knew it was going to be on. Most of the derby girls are mad that we’re always portrayed as violent/murderers πŸ˜‰ and that the hot lady cop always aces tryouts with no experience. One of the skaters was former Charm City skater Clitty Clitty Bang Bang, though!

      • I did think of you when the undercover lady cop (Katherine) went on the tryouts to replace the murdered woman, especially when she said she didn’t rollerskate! However she had been a highly-trained ice skater apparently which might explain her good balance – and she came in second in the tryouts! I also liked that the murdered woman was a school teacher and one of her opponents was a pediatrician. (I didn’t like how McGarrett and Dano burst into her examination of her patient and demanded that she answer their questions before she finished her examination! That wasn’t fair to her patient and if I’d been the mother in the room, I would have been extremely upset with 5-0!)

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