I need some help

I was reading an entry at Weight Plates and Rollerskates about getting up in the mornings, and one of the first things Lilith NoFair did was change who she was accountable to for getting up–instead of only disappointing herself when she rolled over and turned off the alarm, she would be disappointing someone else (when you have a job, this is your boss, but when you don’t….) For her, it’s her partner, but I live alone so that won’t work. Do you guys have any suggestions?

update: Wow, that was fast!! My twitter friend @mightybattlecat, who gets up before me and is in my time zone, has volunteered (threatened?) to send me creepy pictures on twitter if I don’t tweet at her by 9:20 every morning. People really tend to underestimate the social aspects of twitter as social media. I have met so many awesome people through twitter! Thanks, Jaguar Kitty!


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4 responses to “I need some help

  1. Good for her. I don’t think I would be any good at this because I’m three hours behind you so you could sleep quite late! Of course, on the weekends, I could tweet you annoying things before I go to bed – and that would get you up even earlier! 😀

  2. Natasha

    I know that having to let me dog out in the morning makes me get up even when I don’t want to. #1 because it’s mean to not let her pee, and #2 because if I wait too long she’ll pee on something of mine.

    With your kitties, you could feed them first thing in the morning, so that if you sleep in they’ll be starving and wake you up to tell you as much. If you keep sleeping it’s not very nice to those hungry kitties.

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