Seriously, this is what I did today:
-fed the cats at 7:30 when they decided to open my blackout curtains over and over until I fed them.
-went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 9.
-briefly went back to sleep again, to have a bizarre dream about the ad campaign for Caps forward Alex Ovechkin’s redesign of Teavana in the style of Wizard of Oz. Decided my brain was telling me that whatever creepy pics MightyBattleCat was queuing up were not worth extra snoozings.
-decide to limit myself to one hour of internet before tackling my to do list for the day, which consisted of:

  • cleaning the litter box
  • doing all the dishes I haven’t done all week
  • writing the code for a website until my brain hurts and I need to sleep*

-spend that hour catching up on Mark Reads
-from which I discovered Seanan McGuire’s tumblr, which I then spent 5 hours reading with only 2 bathroom breaks.
-decide I absolutely have to stop and eat something, dammit.
-get called with details for a temporary job position
-send resume to caller
-get the last homemade frozen waffle out of the fridge, eat it, and decide to watch a few eps of Lizzie Bennet Diaries
-get called again, learn that the company wants an interview. tentatively schedule interview, schedule a time to be called again to find out if the time I am available is good for them too and all the deets I need
-return to the internet.

Seriously, THIS IS THE DEFINITION OF WINNING AT UNEMPLOYMENT. I mean, I meant to bathe at some point and also maybe skate a bit but this is not so shabby as to be kicked out of bed for cracker eating and I am just babbling now aren’t I

*this is the only way I know how to code. If I don’t do 90% of it in one go, I can’t do it.

EDITED TO ADD: Or the contact was looking at the wrong phone number and calling about a totally different job to set up an interview with a totally different person and is terribly embarrassed and apologetic and we won’t hear anything until next week.



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  1. Sounds like a great day to me – and a possibility of at least temporary employment! Win/win. This was especially good to read after reading NYPinTA’s blog about her Thursday!

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