Derby Derby!

1. We made our goal of 55% of the total to be raised, so Fright will be bald tomorrow!

2. VOTE for the DC Rollerpeeps peep diorama! We wanna win!

3. Speaking of the DC Rollerpeeps…there will be a limited edition t-shirt available at tomorrow’s bout featuring Assault E. Sailor’s DC Rollerpeeps logo design on sale at tomorrow’s bout! It will be available in many sizes, but only 200 shirts in total were ordered, and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good! You should totally pick one up at the bout tomorrow!

4. That’s right, the bout’s tomorrow! Doors open at 3pm, wheels roll at 4. Will Fright be shaved before the first whistle blows? At the after party? I DON’T KNOW! But you should come find out, and also enjoy the mad jumproping skills of Greenbelt SITY Allstars at halftime!

As always, yours truly will be there rockin the mini fez, delighting all and sundry with my adorable nerdiness.


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