Distractions are best

I stayed away from the internet (except reddit, because it is full of random silly) all day, pretty much. I spent the morning making a photo slideshow on the computer for the memorial service. To be clear, this is my mom’s dad, not Poppy who I visited recently. When mom called with the news, I assumed it was Poppy, and was confused that she was calling and not Dad. None of us were remotely prepared for this. My brother found out when the bakery where granddad was head baker for decades, posted the news on facebook, which is shitty. He called to let me know about 15 minutes after I talked to mom, so if my sister-in-law hadn’t seen the update (we all follow the bakery, it’s the best) and told him he would have found out not long after (mom called from the car, decided to call my bro when she got home) but that is the worst.

The Boy came over around lunchtime (he had to do some MUST DO stuff at work first, then head over from MD to VA) and that helped. We watched Game of Thrones and he helped with the slideshow and we had lunch and played word feud and he was a very good distraction for a while. Then mom called grandmom to get the details (which we didn’t have this morning) and was crying a lot, and then she called other people with the details and cried a lot, and I had to get the fuck out of dodge and made The Boy drive me somewhere. He basically made random turns that put us on the GMU campus and then University mall’s parking lot, so we stopped for fro-yo and then he wanted to experience the novelty of buying beer in a grocery store. When we got back, mom was still on the phone, but I still felt a little better, and she only made one more call, and didn’t cry during it.

We closed ourselves in the sunroom but mom cracked the door because Zelda (my cat) couldn’t decide which side of the door she wanted to be on, so we heard her talking to my dad and crying some more, but I tuned her out. I just couldn’t listen. Then she got a bug up her butt about listening to Sam Cooke, and I helped find the tapes and get them playing in her stereo. She made me dance with her to one of the songs, which I did not love (I am not a dancer unless I am drunk and at a bar/show) but she insisted so I did.

Then mom went for a walk and dad retreated to the computer room. I got The Boy some dinner and sent him home (he has a can’t-miss thing at work tomorrow and Thursday) and braved the internet.

I appreciate the support I have gotten on FB, twitter, and in comments here but I just am not up for responding specifically, I’m sorry.


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  1. You don’t have to respond. Just know that we are thinking of you and your family and sending virtual hugs. Take care of yourself.

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