March bout report

guys, this working at someone else’s home stuff is tough. I want my own computer and also my own house and also to not be around my mom all day. And I’m gonna tell you about all that tomorrow. but first…

Saturday was so much fun! Despite the fact that it’s the same one I always wear, many fans complimented my boutfit (yay!), we had the peeps diorama and it was AWESOME (yay!!), I finally went to an afterparty at Penn Social and had fun (yay!!!)

Derbies: First we had Scare Force v DC Demoncats. SF1 could not do their intros to “all we do is win” because they lost last bout, so that felt a little weird. DCDC skated out for intros with light up kanye shades (what??) which was fun. I didn’t get to see much because my trainee/second-in-command/season 8 replacement head bouncer wasn’t going to get there until things started, so there was much running about frantically (and he ended up a tiny bit late, and was bringing another bouncer too) and one of our sign ups was a no-show, too. Fortunately, we had someone who no one scheduled, so we could use her for a bit (thanks, Pow’s friend Allie!) and we managed to get people moved around to cover all shifts. We had a nice mix of new and old bouncers, too. Final score for this bout was SF1 167 – DCDC 115, and though I didn’t get to watch as much as I’d like, I did get to tweet a bit. The Cats started strong and skated hard for a really close game, but SF1 wanted to avoid a repeat of last month and took the lead just before the half and the Cats never quite caught up.

Then we had the Majority Whips v the Cherry Blossom Bombshells. Bombshells skated their intros to “Thank You For Being a Friend” (aka The Golden Girls theme) which was awesome at first but needed to be repeated like 6 times for the whole team to be introed, so eventually it was like ARGH SHUT IT (but still–mad respect, ladies) I missed the first couple jams but I believe Whips took the lead early, and did not let it go! During the second half, the Bombshells were chipping away at the Whips’ lead, but didn’t quite get to the point where the pickles would need to worry. Final score was 162-80. A lot of us were surprised at the ‘Shells performance, considering how well they had done last month. The Whips get better with every bout they play, but I still expected this to be a much closer game.

Okay, I’m wiped, sleep is needed, byebye!


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