ART CRAWL! (contest!)

So, Marvel released these super sexist gross shirts side by side. While discussing it with DCDC BatCat, I said it made me feel like this is a prompt for a derby art contest using that infamous Whip It line, “Be your own hero.” So! CONTEST!

YOU submit your visual interpretation of roller derby and women heroes by May 3rd. (email lovelylikebeestings at gmail dot com)
I will post a poll to allow y’all to vote for your favorite design between the May 4th and May 10th.
THE WINNER will be the recipient of something delicious baked by me! (Probably cookies if you aren’t local to DC, but we can work that out when you win!) And maybe I’ll throw in some DCRG stickers or pins or something, too, I dunno, we’ll see, I’ll have to TALK TO PEOPLE about THINGS.


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