Decisions, Decisions

I’m getting a seriously sizable tax return this year. Like, a tenth of last year’s income, serious. THE GOVERNMENT IS TITHING TO ME.

But I’m unemployed, so I should sock it away for bill paying and not asking my parents for money.

BUT I WANT/NEED NEW SKATES. See, I have high arches, which means that the middle of my foot cramps up when I skate. So (right before I broke my leg) I bought some lovely inserts from Sin City Skates that are supposed to help. AND THEY TOTALLY DO. THEY ARE FANTASTIC FOR MY ARCHES AND I LOVE THEM. I am seriously considering dropping the cash to buy two more pairs to wear in regular shoes, they are that amazing. HOWEVER! They take up some serious real estate inside my skate boots. My toes are mashed up in the toe box now, so instead of pausing to uncramp my feet, I’m pausing to wiggle some non-pain feeling into my toes. *sad trombone* Very few skate boots are sold in half-sizes, and the ones which are tend to be the higher priced ones. I’m considering getting some Antik MG2s, because they also have ankle support, which is good for me and my wussy little ankles. But I can only justify buying the boot, not the skate package (boot, plate, wheels) so I’d have to buy a set of plates as well (I’m good on wheels FOR NOW, though of course I’d love to have many more sets and have had some on my wishlist for FOREVER) The least expensive plates that are not nylon (I don’t want nylon plates) and which are by a reputable company have the trucks set at a different angle (45°) than I’m used to (10°) and I am not really sure how that will affect things.

Plus I should really save that money.


In other derby news, there are new minimum skills requirements. I’ll probably talk about them tomorrow.



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20 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Can you hold off for a little while until you get another job?

  2. I happen to have oneof those fancy magnesium 45 degree plates that I have literally never used. In other words, its brandnew. I have used the plate before…a second one that is on my current skates and I LOVE. It! Its was around 170 bucks new and I was gonna sell it for 80, unused. If you’re interested let me know.

    • In fact, I have super high arches too and I love my whole setup. Even witnout inserts of any kind my feet haven’t hurt yet. I use a Vanilla Blackout boot, da/45 avenger plate w pueple 85A cushions, And either Aton Poison wheels or Zombie mids in Both 85A pushers and 92Awith Qube 8ball bearings and aa gumball toe stop. I happen to have brand new spares of both the plate and the boot in size 8. Its a long story as to why I have these but I was gonna sell them both. For slightly over half their retail price. So again, if intersted let me know.

      • I’m a size 5 in skate boots, so the boots don’t help me, but I’ll let you know if I end up with the cash for the plates!

      • Oh my, you’re feet are itty bitty. Mine are sevens…at least in derby skate sizes…part of how I wound up with all this extra size eight If you have stuff for trade I might be interested in that too. Since I am new, I haven’t tried a lot of different gear and whatnot. And who can afford to order a bunch of stuff to just try out, right? I also have brand new zombie wheels, sure grip toe stops (the same type as the ones that come on the avenger plate in addition to the ones that are ON the extra plate, lol) as well as an extra pair each of 187 Killer Fly elbow pads in small and 187 Killer derby pro knee pads in extra small if you or one of your friends are in need of those. Again, sale or swap. :o)

      • ooh, the zombie wheels! ooh! I don’t even need hybrids, I have some poisons, but OH, WHEELS

      • Just let me know what you have/want whenever you’re ready, if ever, and we can chat about it. Honestly I’m more interested in trades than cash, but either works. And my bank(Chase) offers a nifty service where I can just send an “invoice” to your email and then you take care of it on your end in a bunch of simple ways. All I’d ever see is your email.

      • what size are the plates? I’m definitely interested in them 🙂

      • Three (mounted to a size 8 boot.) As small as your foot is,I’m not sure it would work…

      • :/ yeah, I think 1 is closer to what will fit me. Alas! good to know

  3. Sorry…and how are your feet so small anyway? You look to be an average size; are you abnormally short? *please know I mean that in the friendliest and most sincere way possible :o)

    • Not offended! I’m about 5’2-5’3 (everyone seems to come up with a different measure for me when they check!) With shoe size, I tend to vary with vendor between 6 and 7 and a half, with 6 and a half being my usual size. I borrowed skates from a friend who wears size 5 and they felt really good, and she was able to lend them because she was getting size 3.5!!! But I tried a pair of size 4s and they were WAY too small. Getting sized at Department of Skate (probably for Antik boots, but also gonna try the Riedell 125s if they have ’em) on Thursday

      • So its a mens five. I see. My vanilla blackouts (which don’t hurt my feet AT ALL even with my super high arches,) are ladies 8s and are the most comfy boot ever, imo.

  4. And why is my photo gone? lol That stupid gravatar profile makes no sense to me where the images are concerned.Do you have any guess what I need to do to get my photo back?

  5. Kyle: Europe was a big shock. Almost everyone there skates on hockey boots with quad plates. Low cut skates are almost non-existent there. They absolutely love Jamskating. Barely any children that skate though, all grown folks that have gotten back into it. Every rink we went to had a full bar, definitely more adult oriented on that side of the pond. I actually got to go with my Soul Skate Detroit family, it was dope, it’s crazy out there.

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