Derby Portraits

This week has been pretty awful from a broad point of view. The events in Boston and Texas are tragic and made me not want to post in a blog about my life and roller skating. I’m glad the surviving suspect was caught and hope that he gets rehabilitated, even if he never rejoins society at large.

When he was apprehended, I was at a bar in a hotel in DC with 10 DC Rollergirls, waiting for Kyle Cassidy to finish his paying gig so he could come photograph us! His job went longer than he expected, so some of the girls left (they had another event to go to) so in the end it was Saulty, Miso, Pow, Comma, Kitty, Zeebz, JK, and me. As I am not technically a rollergirl, I made sure the skaters got their shots done first, but I got to do some too! I was very shaky on my skates at first (not wearing pads and being on concrete made me (and Pow) SO NERVOUS) but it went well. So much fun, and Kyle is great. Because this was scheduled last-minute, no one could stay to hang out with Kyle post-photoshoot due to various other plans, but hopefully next time we can show him a DC good time!

Kyle shooting Comma, the glamour girl! (click to big)


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