Progress and OW

Okay SO! Today was a migraine day after getting dehydrated walking all over capitol hill today (lunch date with my former employer, and we went by Rayburn to see a smithsonian exhibit in the foyer of the building that was super-cool, you guys! and then to pick up my keys from a friend who works on the hill)…also my feet and no-longer-broken ankle were SORE (my flipflops weren’t the best footwear choice ever, apparently.) It was a beautiful day, but with the not-enough-water and the pollen and stuff, when I got home I took meds and got an ice pack and a napped. Since I slept in today, too, that is A LOT of rest. Hopefully I can sleep tonight. Gonna have some tart cherry juice to help with that.

BUT! I have enlisted some assistance in the getting into gear about getting into shape thing. Merry Khaos is helping me with nutrition, and I’m doing Derbalife through her, so my food is healthy and I’m eating a certain level of calories in order to lose some of this here fat (I hate calorie counting though, you guys, for serious. SO glad myfitnesspal has a phone app!) And I signed up for Roller Derby Atheltics’ Pump Up Your Jam program to get my exercise on in a derby specific way! Hopefully between the two I’ll lose around 20-30 pounds of fat and build up some muscle and increase my endurance (which is currently crap.) so I can spend the summer focusing on my skating skills (while I keep this stuff up, of course.)

But right now my feet hurt and my neck hurts and I’d like not to hurt please.

But I am pretty psyched to have gotten my derbalife products and get started on this stuff.


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