Except I need to have lunch, but I’m doing this first.

Today I:

  • got up on time yaaaaaay
  • cleaned up the other guest room so my brother will have a place to sleep
  • vacuumed ALL THE FLOORS
  • cleaned out my (atrociously gross and messy) car, including vacuuming
  • while simultaneously changing the oil and topping off other fluids (except power steering, because I didn’t have any. but I need to do that, I’m at the minimum level.)
  • finally took the monitor the ex gave me (which broke the second we broke up–coincidence? probably) to best buy for recycling. I also got some goop for my hair so when I blowdry it, it won’t be all dried up and full of fly-aways and dropped off the used motor oil while I was out.

My friend and alarm-clock-enforcer (who showed me a gross time lapse video of a spider molting when I overslept the other day–you try to oversleep knowing stuff like that is aimed at you!!) Kitty has decided to publish a serial on her blog, and the first installment is out today! Go. Read that. RIGHT NOW.

And don’t forget, there’s only 8 days left to submit your art for Art Crawl!



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2 responses to “I am ACCOMPLISHED

  1. juliasleazer

    Ladybuddy, I gotta tell you: awesome.

    I asked my friend the other day “are you lovely like bee stings?” and she said “yes!” and I was like “oh, cool. My cat references don’t fall on confused eyes.”

    She’s not. SHE IS NOT YOU! Apparently, though, she thinks she is lovely in the same manner as a bee sting might be, though. All good 🙂 ❤

    • hee, she must be pretty awesome! I have been keeping my intended derby name a secret because right now it’s nowhere on TwoEvils and I want to keep it that way until I pass my WFTDAs 😉 but I answer to Mels and Sparklefez in the meantime 🙂 (also Mel, Hey You, and often, wordless shouts of random syllables. Basically if there is a noise near me, I turn around.)

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