Weekend Update

So this weekend consisted of the penultimate bout of DCRG’s home season and the Celebration of Life for my grandfather.

Typing that made me want to throw up. I played the part of support beam, balustrade, buttress, rock, shoulder, other synonyms for solid and strong and supportive on Sunday, despite my occasional desire to burst out with a tearful “it’s not fair.” (Generally when no one needed a rock et al-it’s easy to be calm when other people need me to be.) But the celebration was lovely, many stories were shared, and afterward we went to grandmom’s and lit a fire in the outdoor fireplace and had a less formal gathering. My cousin’s son was running around begging everyone to play with him. We played “baseball” for 6 innings (about 20 minutes)…3 innings in we had a “half time” because I was tired and my l’il cuz added 5 runs to my score, lol. He’s a little unclear on the rules for strikes and balls, and he gets tired of batting and just declares a switch so he can pitch (because of course everyone who played with him let him win, though I did tag him out once)…I actually didn’t hold myself back as much as I might have needed to this time last year, because running actually does not feel so great all the time with my tibia. I think it has something to do with how my foot hits the ground, though, rather than the leg itself, so I’m going to have to have someone watch me and give me pointers on form. Fortunately, l’il cuz was delighted anyway.

It probably didn’t help that I spent 6 hours on my feet the day before. April bout day was a big day because it was the first WFTDA sactioned bout of the season for the All-Stars and the first home bout for the National Maulers, our new B-team. (The Capitol Offenders will be a pick up team, which it always sort of was.) We played the Philadelphia Liberty Belles and their B-Team, the Independence Dolls. Because Philly is ranked so much higher than we are, we went into the game knowing we were going to lose. Statistics had us losing at a ratio of 7:3 (they score 7 points for every 3 we score) but when it was all said and done, the All-Stars lost at a ratio closer to 2:1 (the final score was 266-113) so we counted it as a win! The girls skated SO HARD, but Philly keeps the pack speed so fast that they tire the competition out! Definitely something to work on. DNN has a write up of the All-Stars bout. In addition, fan Mark Webster put up his photos from the bout and so has Pablo Raw. Pablo also put up this time lapse of the bout, which is super cool.

After the bout I went to the afterparty, but I didn’t stay long because I wasn’t feeling well. It turns out that my caloric intake was equivalent to not eating at all, when the exercise of running around head bouncering was factored in. Oops. I didn’t discover this until I got home, and I tried to eat but wasted one of my yogurts because my stomach was like STOP IT OH MY GOD I AM FILLED NOW, YOU CAN’T EAT AN ENTIRE DAY’S CALORIES IN 10 MINUTES AT 11PM!! I ate like a pig on Sunday, but I was planning on doing that anyway-if there is one day you should be able to skip calorie counting, it’s the day of your grandfather’s memorial service thingy. Plus, Fenwick Bakery treats were present in abundance! Can’t turn those down. (yes, the website is awful. I keep meaning to offer to fix it up but never remember when I have time.) So I’m working on readjusting to being a healthy eater (except I took all my healthy food home and am now at mom and dad’s for two days, oops) At least I still have my herbalife goodies. (I forgot my cymbalta at my grandmother’s, too, so that will have to be fixed ASAP)



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  1. Somehow I missed this earlier. Belated *hugs*.

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