Mine. My own. My prrrrrrecious!

One of The Boy’s coworkers who I have met is interested in the rec league, but she didn’t have any gear. Since I had hung out with her before, she asked me for advice, and today we went to Department of Skate.

I tried REALLY HARD to be good, and not spend money, but I decided earlier this week that I was gonna get new boots. Today I bought new skates. THEY FEEL AMAZING OH MY GOD and they’re Antiks.
Look at the beauty! LOOK AT IT!
Antik Spider
With the inserts for my arches, I had to go up to a size six. I tried on the MG2s, but they were a little too snug at the widest part of my foot, and they’re not the heat-moldable ones. I know leather boots stretch, but they just felt a little too off.

I also bought a laptop last night. So now I’m super poor. But I go into town to pick up a paycheck tomorrow (last severance check) and dad is gonna pay me enough for the work I’ve done so far (we’re at the ‘he has to do stuff in order for me to do the rest’ stage) to cover most of the two big purchases.

At the metro station today I had to buy a new smartrip card, and the thing was all pissy and denied my card, so I was worried that buying the computer made the bank go all “YOU ARE SPENDING MONEY THAT’S WEIRD” and freeze it, but it seems metro is just as inept with their cards as with their everything else. I used a different machine (because the first one wouldn’t stop telling me the transaction was cancelled) and usd my debit card, which worked, and then my regular card worked at Department of Skate, so YAY.

I also bought foods today. I went to the farmers market and it totally sucks and is tiny and lame. Only 2 stalls I’d actually go to (meat, and leafy greens). I know it’s early, but it was SUCH A SMALL market and prices were high. I mean, duh, farmers market, but still. Just in case you were wondering. Will check out another one on Tuesday, maybe.

Pump up your Jam starts MONDAY!! Eeeeeee!



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3 responses to “Mine. My own. My prrrrrrecious!

  1. I know nothing about skates but those do look very shiny! 🙂 Have fun breaking them in.

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