Getting Ready

I’m back at my place. Been cleaning up the mess past me left for then-future-now-present me, because past me is a jerk. Also been spending time with The Boy, because except for short visits I haven’t seen him in ages. The kitties are delighted to be home, of course. They displayed this by not peeing anywhere they shouldn’t, yay! The healthy eating took a little bit of a back seat to, well, occasionally forgetting to eat. But I’m back on track, just in time for the start of Pump Up Your Jam. Baseline test starts tomorrow. Tomorrow morning after breakfast: yo-yo test. Then I’m picking up some presriptions before having lunch and doing as many reps as possible (AMRAP) of pushups in 60 seconds, then 60 seconds of rest; AMRAP of half burpees in 2 minutes (and two minutes of rest); plank to failure, then 2 minutes rest and a 6 stage core test.

I’ll do this again on day 45 of PUYJ, and compare the scores. I deally, my score on day 45 is way better than tomorrow’s. I want to take my skates for a test drive, but I don’t want to tire myself out for tomorrow. And I have so much to do inside! But it’s gorgeous out and it’s supposed to rain a lot all this week. (Hence the yo-yo test first thing after breakfast–gotta get it done before it rains.)

Apropos of nothing, I TOTALLY WANT A SWING IN MY HOUSE/APARTMENT. (okay, apropos of I have been watching Lost Girl on netflix.) Also, if there are any capitalization errors, it’s because the new laptop has a smaller than usual shift key on the right.

Selling my R3s, BTW, if you know a freshie or a wannabe who needs skates have ’em email me at lovelylikebeestings at gmail dot com. Speaking of said email address, no one entered Art Crawl. I am disappointed in you all! DISAPPOINTED! *mom face*

So tomorrow: My ass gets kicked but good. If I’m still alive at dinner time, well, Tuesday is rest day, mothahfuckahs! Oh and Thursday? Day one of working a paying job with Wagabout. Not the highest paying gig, but it’s more money than I’m currently making. Looking into adding to it with a second job, which will cut into my training time, but does need to be done if I can score something.



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  1. Good luck with all that!

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