OH EM GEE YOU GUYS, I AM PATHETIC. I can do all the things individually and in isolation for a while (well, probably not the half burpees, I’ve never tried them before) but one right after the other after the other? Not so much.

Okay, I overslept a little (you do NOT want to see what Kitty inflicted me with for that transgression) so I fooled around online while waiting for breakfast to digest. This is how things worked out:

11:00 AM I set up the cones 20 meters apart with a 5 meter cool down space behind the start line, got my iPod ready (which is the entire reason I ordered the laptop when I did–needed to get the mp3 on something I could hear while I ran) and commenced the yo-yo test.

I did better than I thought I would! It was not as painful to run as I feared it would be/ as it was last time I tried to run, and my right leg was working at about 90% capacity! So yay, that! My score was 4–I was about 3 feet from the line when the beep beeped. (On level 3, I was like 6 inches from it.)

I came in and fooled around online some more, put on an episode of Lost Girl, and when I felt rested (about 10 minutes into the ep) I started the other part of the baseline test.

In isolation or with the roller derby workout, I can plank for a minute. Arms extended plank, even (rather than down on elbows plank.) I can do 10 proper push ups in context of my arms workout. I can do lots of sit ups. (Only it turns out I was doing them wrong.) But when I started the rest of the test (at 12:00 nooooooon), I did 17 push ups (about half down on knees) before noticing that the timer didn’t start and I didn’t know how much time had elapsed. I rested for a couple minutes and restarted, making sure the timer started too. (I got 18 knee push ups in, but I’m pretty sure I coulda done more had I not messed up with the timer!) I only did 7 half-burpees (my GOD those were crazy. My arms are like “WTF MATE^^”), I did 33 seconds of elbow-planking, and exactly one stage one sit up. See, I had been doing sit ups wrong for the past 30 years, I sort of throw my shoulders forward and use their momentum to sit me up. So I did a proper stage one sit up (arms at sides when you are on your back, as you it up they rise, parallel to the floor, until your wrists are even with your knees. Stage two is elbows at knees, which was super easy once I got stage one done, but I couldn’t do it on it’s own without lifting my feet, which is a no no) I tried stage three (arms crossed across your waist) and OMG I AM PATHETIC I barely got my shoulders off the ground. So I tried a stage one again (really I wasn’t supposed to try stage three, but it looked so easy!) and I did one. ONE! Sad, sad, pathetic me! At least I’m practically guaranteed to improve on that!! And I’m sure I’ll improve on the others, as well, but the most dramatic improvement will no doubt be sit ups. (Planking before doing sit ups no doubt helped make my abs weak.)

After that I had an Herbalife Rebuild – Endurance shake and OH MY GOD THAT TASTED AMAZEBALLS I want to work out again just so I can have another (and blend it up with some pineapple and lime juice into a frothy tropical concoction to drink with a straw. Seriously, it says it’s vanilla flavored but it tastes both vanilla-y and coconutty, and while I hate coconut texture, I love me some coconut flavor.) YUM.

But instead I will try to get my mom and grandmother to agree to mothers day plans (grandmom will probably be pretty easy, mom is not interested in planning) and then actually shower for the day.



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4 responses to “PUYJ Baseline Test OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  1. Hello, Miss. I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the nomination guidelines & find out what you are to do next, here: http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/vba-rules/

    AND you can find my nomination of your blog here: http://derbydiapersblog.wordpress.com/2013/05/08/the-award-winning-derbydiapersblog/

    Congrats on winning this completely-unofficial-but-still-totally-flattering award!

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