First day on the job

So today was my first day as a dogwalker. They’re hoping to add more dogs to my schedule as they get more clients (they had a waiting list of people that they will now be able to take on since hiring me on) but right now it’s 4 dogs, each with a half hour session. The dogs are adorable, but I didn’t bring enough water (for myself–the dogs get their own, of course!) so I’m a bit dehydrated now. I think I’m going to wear my knockoff camelbak (70 oz!) so I don’t dry out again. The dogs are sweethearts, and I start on my own next week (this week I’m meeting them with the Wagabout owners, who have experience with these dogs and are imparting animal-specific knowledge.) You should see the first pup, he’s an actual puppy (rather than a dog who gets called puppy because ALL DOGS ARE PUPPIES) and SO TINY and he broke his leg and has a cast and a cone and IS SO CUTE AEITHWRPITJGRPIGJTHESTIHWGWS{EJGEG*explode*

I was hoping to go to Anacostia and skate this evening, but I’m at the point where drinking water doesn’t make me less dehydrated, so I think I’m just gonna take care of me tonight. BUT I WANNA. I dreamed of skating almost all night (and of safety assessments) except for one dream, where I dreamed our ref Screwy Decimal was our waitress and refused to make eye-contact with me. But still, it was derby-related. Totally counts. Tomorrow I’ll put my gear in the car in the morning and head to the pavillion straight from work. If I can figure out how to get there. At least for half the drive I’ll be going in the opposite direction as everyone else….

I’ve linked to Hyperbole and a Half’s Adventure’s in Depression post before; Allie is back and has another post, Depression Part Two, that is just as astute and accurate to my depressive experience (especially once she starts feeling again–I don’t generally get numb much, but I do HATE the positivity people!And everything else.) So if the first one helped you at all, check out this one as well.



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4 responses to “First day on the job

  1. How fun! I didn’t know that was a real job, I mean one that an employer hires employees to do. I would’ve thought you’d have to start the service yourself, acquire customers, and do the doggie walking as a one-human operation. I guess maybe that’s because where I live people mostly do their own dog walking. Actually, where I live, most people tie their dogs to something stationary in the backyard, put out food once a week and hope for the best. Its pretty cruel. Anyway….lol

    Congrats and good luck! Gotta pay for those skates and wheels and roller derby stuffs somehow, don’t we?

    • my cousin and her boyfriend started up their own dogwalking biz, and they were getting so many requests because they don’t just walk the dog, they spend quality time with him/her and give medications when required and stuff like that. So they had to expand! It’d be a perfect job for a college student, who has low overhead and lots of random time during the day. Wish I had thought of this when I was in school!

      • Right? I need something like that, not so much for the money (although that’s always helpful, too) but more so for the productivity, the routine, and the sense of purpose. Its good for the psyche to get up every day and go somewhere you’re needed to perform a valuable task and to perform it well.

        Perhaps, not so great for the psyche, would be to sleep WAY, way in everyday and wake up feeling too tired to move or leave or cook or clean only to fall asleep way too late at night swearing you will do something worthwhile tomorrow. Its an easy rut to fall into when you’ve got nowhere to be and no one expecting you to be there. You know?

        I’m glad you’ve found something that works well for you and I hope it continues to do so. Not to be nosey, but why not go back to school and get that silly masters degree they seem to want from you? Just a thought, but I’m sure you know better than I what the hell you’re doing. lol 🙂

      • well the reason I don’t have it is that despite passing all my classes with flying colors, I was unable to pass the comprehensive exams (which I took twice. And I think it says a lot about how different the exam focuses are from the courses, if I can get As in all the classes and fail the paper about the classes’ content) but I am getting started with the Digital Archives Specialist certificate program from the Society of American Archivists. First class will be bought as soon as Ye Olde Funding comes through

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