And things are sort of better.

So I was fired yesterday. But that meant I was free for a different job a friend told me about, and so my resume is submitted for that, and hopefully I’ll hear about it soon. I also applied to CostCo so I can at least make some money while I’m taking these courses (plus they’re supposed to be a great company to work for, and it’s not like I haven’t got retail experience or grocery experience!) so hopefully there will be some openings at at least one of the 3 relatively nearby ones if the other thing doesn’t work out. Also, I’m web-imping for a friend, and that came about last night as well, and though it is hardly any money it’s good experience in general and good for my resume to say I created and maintain a website.

Today I met up with my boss and turned over my supplies/keys and then went skating. I warmed up by seeing how many laps I could do in 5 minutes (16, though I wasn’t trying too hard so I think I could have done 20 really. I had done 23 in 5 before, but not since last spring, and I figured I’d be rusty.) and then I worked on rule 3.4.1 (aka “Maneuvers through 10 cones, each no more than 5 feet (1.5 meters) apart (not to exceed 50 feet or 15 meters), placed through the straightaways and track turns, in less than 6 seconds”) though I wasn’t even at the “in less than six seconds part. I basically just lined up 10 cones 4-5 feet apart and worked on slaloming through them. It was a bit of a discouraging skating day, I didn’t have any painful falls but I had a couple “wrong” falls and I tripped over my cones a couple times (they’re the 3″ high ones, so they’re easy to start to skate over.) Despite having my not-a-camelbak, I got pretty dehydrated and ended up stopping a lot sooner than I wanted. I tried 5 laps in a minute (first time: 1 minute 34 seconds) then sat down, took off my helmet and rested, drinking water a little too fast, and generally being way too warm, and then tried again (putting my helmet back on was torture, shoulda stopped then I think!) and shaved 8 seconds off, but I felt so hot and headachy (and not a little discouraged that the improvement wasn’t greater) I stopped after that, geared down in record time, grabbed my cones (squatting to pick up the 10 in a line, being lazy and bending at the waist to get the two that mark the outside bounds of the track) and got home within the 15-20 minute window for carbs/protein ingestion (see here, hattip to Surly of Whip My Assets for linking that one) and grabbed an Endurance shake, and then some chocolate milk, but the headache got worse anyway.

My no-longer-boss called and we had a really good talk about what happened and stuff (the dog-walking business is half-owned and run by my cousin, and she wanted to clear the air about the firing and some stuff) and then I had some leftover chicken and some migraine meds, iced my brain, and napped. For over 5 hours, it turned out. So I didn’t get to start on the website project, but now I feel a lot better both physically and emotionally (much love to Sashion Victim, roller derby announcer extraordinaire and all around sweetheart, for refusing to let me talk shit about myself on FB yesterday! Love ya, Sasha!) I also checked my progress last night; lost 2.4 pounds since starting to eat healthier and all that jazz, and lost 2.5 inches off my waist. Also, my boobs have not reduced. (Yay, boobs!) Though if they do, as I told a friend, they will still be awesome.

So now I’m gonna actually water my mint and chives that are out on the balcony instead of just saying “I need to water those plants,” make some dinner, eat some dinner, and stay up to what will probably be the wee hours of the morning playing code monkey, because that’s how I roll when I code, and tomorrow I have to do a tiny art project in preparation for Saturday’s bout and contact the College Park unemployment office to see about UI. Also do the workout I didn’t do this afternoon. Eh. Not a bad end to the week. Plus, Saturday? BOUT DAY!!!!! And, though most of the first half of the week was crap, one other thing happened; Kyle sent us the portraits he took! Click the link below the photo to see all three

From Roller Derby Saved My Soul


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5 responses to “And things are sort of better.

  1. Truth: I’ve been fired too. Like you, my first response was “but that meant I was free” – no tears were shed, I started WhyFoodWorks, and haven’t looked back. Love your writing, attitude, and thanks for linking to my post 🙂 Also, if I, too, watered plants every time I said I should and then immediately didn’t, I would have…many more live plants.

    • I was pretty upset initially, because I’m used to being good at things, and everything that happened that went wrong was stuff that could have happened to anyone, it just kept happening to me. And I’ve never been fired before. But I was planning on tendering my resignation anyway (I was fine with the work, but all the things going wrong seemed to be the universe saying ‘this is a bad idea! Stop it!’) and my cousin and I are still friends, so it’s all good, I suppose.

      I am very much a black thumb, the fact that these plants have lasted since last week is a bit of a miracle (and thanks in large part to lots of rain in DC in the last week!)

  2. I also look at my plants and say I need to water them. The only plants that survive are my Christmas cacti and that’s probably because they live outside for six months of the year. I need to put them out soon as two of them are looking very unhealthy.

    I’m glad your week improved. Being fired is never fun but it opens the way for something new and more suitable. (I’m a glass half full kind of gal.)

    • Mine are on the balcony. They get some water when it rains, but mostly nope (very little direct sun, too)

      I had been sort of focusing my anger on the firing, but before I had the chance to try and set up a meeting to discuss it, my cousin called and we talked everything out and made me feel much better about it.

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