Bout Report-Season Seven DCRG Home Championships!

I have a standard boutfit. Short plaid skirt, DCRG staff shirt, black mid-calf boots. The fez doesn’t go on until I get to the bout. When leaving my building, most of the residents are used to seeing me like this and don’t say anything. Some new people were moving in yesterday, though, and as I walked to my car I got a Joey Tribbiani-esque “How YOU doin’?” then I went back in because I forgot the GIANT CHECK I made to present to Raptor and Snap to represent the pit crew donation of our end-of-season-gift fund to the Warehouse fund. So I ran back in and on my way was asked “Where you work that you can have your ass hangin’ out?” (the shirt has STAFF written on the back.) I gave the guys a flier on my way back out with the giant check, and headed to the Armory.

The security staff tends to rotate depending on the week of the month that our bouts fall on, but most of them know me from the past two seasons of Head Bouncer-ing. One of them kept telling me he’ll happily wear my hat, lol. My bouncers were like a well-oiled machine, even without Gummy Bear (my second-in-command for season 7 and new head bouncer for season 8) around to keep things going smoothly. I got a little emotional at the bouncers meeting when I thanked them for all their help this season (we had one newb yesterday, the rest were all regulars) but I didn’t cry. I had announced my impending retirement back in January? I think? Or February. So they knew this would be my last bout as head bouncer.

I (and the other POCs for DCRG volunteers) got nifty awards from Funsized Jenn–plaques with our title and something complimentary (mine was Head Bouncer Extraordinaire) and beneath that, a glittered radar cayman bolted to the front. FSJ immediately took them back so she could get our names on them, though (she wasn’t sure beforehand if there would be room. There is.) I am so excited to hang it up on my wall when I get it back!

I was running around with my usual franticness during the first half of the bout, busy eating when I wasn’t busy Head Bouncering (I learned my lesson after last month’s bout! I run around too much to not eat extra food on bout day!) but just before the half, things settled down, and I started texting updates to Frightmare, who had a wedding to attend out of state.

Both games were INCREDIBLY close, and also incredibly well played. All four teams should be super-proud of what they’ve accomplished this year, they all improved a lot, and they were already amazing. Rather than try to give insightful commentary, I’m just gonna copy my texts of the first bout and tweets of the second.

Majority Whips VS. DC Demoncats for 3rd place.
Wham I Am tells me that the Whips maintained a lead over the DemonCats the whole game, and I know they scored first blood. But shortly before the half was the first time I could pause long enough to check the score and let Fright (a Majority Whip) know what was going on.
“75-68 whips!”
“Cats are up to 62”
“Nasty has lead, doin some damage!”
83-63 at the half, whips retaining the lead”
“Whips up 100-Cats 79″
Power jam for Nasty”
“Jill had a good jam [for the demoncats], 104-97 Whips”
“Whips power jam”
“113-101 Whips”
“119-101 after Stabby’s power jam!”
“New bathrooms in the armory are great! Doors close, the floor is clean…while I peed Cats scored 8 points. 119-109”
“Whips didn’t let it get em down, up to 124-114”
“Whips are keeping the jams with Cats in lead jammer pretty close to scoreless”
“Whips keep adding to their lead, 128-114”
“2 pt jam for Whips”
“5 pt jam for whips, 135-114”
“[DC Demoncat]Hoova Dayum did an apex jump!”
“[DCDC] Pow has a power jam, [MW]Lois in the box…”
“11 point game!!”
“[DCDC Jersey]Jill takes lead…”
“149-134 Whips……”
“In a TO”
“likely last jam”
“Cats have lead”
“Jill calls it, another jam up. Another TO called 151-138”
“Final Countdown playing, lol”
“We Will Rock You plays as unofficial final is announced 151 Whips, 141 Cats”
“Official final concurs!”

Scare Force 1 VS Cherry Blossom Bombshells
Scare force had an early lead but (Bombshell) Yankee Scandal had a 25 point jam, brought the bombshells within easy distance of SF. 49-37 SF1
SF1 61-CBB 60!!!
SF only able to pick up 1 point that jam…
SF inching forward, 64-60
74SF1-63CBB at the half
Second half is starting as Yankee Scandal takes lead [then gets sent to the box]
[SF1 jammer]Sharp Shredder goes to the box, releasing Scandal
Injured skater [didn’t see who] but she skates off under her own power as we go to a TO
In that last jam, Bombshells snagged 17 more points, putting the score at 90-77
Shredder netted 3 points for Scare Force, making this a 10 point game
Jaminy Kricket snags lead jammer for the ‘shells, picked up 5 but called it off with ‘Cuda hot on her heels. 97Cbb-80SF
Both teams have broken the century mark…110-107 CBB
Omg this is so tense! SF1 took the lead, but only by 2 points!
SF trying to leave the bombshells in the dust. 124-110 SF
Scandal called off the last jam just before her axel[her truck, really] popped out of her pivot cup. Hopefully they get that fixed [they did!]
Score is SF 131-CBB117
But Kricket just nabbed 5 more, and [‘shell]Acon blocked [SF1 blocker]Scorey to let Kricket nab 5 more!
131-127 SF. Ten minutes left!
SF is holding strong, snagged 15 points this jam. 151-127
Make that 24 points for Shredder. 155-127
Whips and Pains takes lead jammer for SF but only gets 1 point before getting stuck in the pack after Cuda’s 1 pt jam
30 point difference in points as Scandal takes lead jammer
157-131 SF now
Probably 2-3 jams left….
Score is 157-135 at the start of what may be the last jam
Cuda takes lead, is gonna try to run the clock out as CBB’s jammer, Slash, is in the box
unofficial final, 164-135 SCARE FORCE 1
Official final concurs! SCARE FORCE 1 WON SEASON 7

I didn’t see many Demoncats at the after party, I think they popped in and then popped out to a team party. There was delicious cake, and lots of dancing with the Skate of the Union trophy for Scare Force, lots of hugs all around, and a great turnout. Oxford Commakaze and I chatted with Rosie the Ravager from D/CLAW, who had a party at Penn Social a bit before ours, and we’re hoping to work with them sometime over the next season. On my walk to the after party from the metro station, a Totally Classy Lady looked at me (in my boutfit) and said to her friends “I guess they do have hookers in Chinatown.” My retort: “At least I look like I have a job.” Catty, yes, but if some random stranger’s opinion of me really mattered, it would be way more fucked up than the content of that exchange, in my opinion. On the way back to the metro after leaving the party, I saw a bride and several friends (and I assume her bride or groom-no one specifically stood out as the partner in the small group) taking pictures on E Street, so I wished them congratulations as I passed.

The bout and party obviously exhausted me, because except for about 20 minutes during the 10am hour when I was online, I slept until 4 pm. WHAT? Yeah. And now the day is mostly over. Lucky Season Seven has come to an end. When The Ocho starts (I’m callin’ it now, we HAVE to name season 8 that) I will either be a skater or an NSO. If the latter, I’ll re-do my fez in pink sparkles, but as of now the fez is in retirement, hoping to find a foam head to sit on, museum-piece style. I love DC Rollergirls. *** = ♥



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  1. Sounds like you had a great day!

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