Yay, fix!

So the past two days I’ve been a SUPERSLUG. I have not turned on the AC because AC costs money, and as a result, moving is the worst thing ever. Even breathing makes me sweat. Combine that with my brain thinking 3:20 am is the proper bed time, and there has been more sleeping than anything else ever.

Then my boss from the last archiving job asked me if I wanted to go to a seminar tomorrow. It starts at a daunting 8am. And I have to be all polished and professional looking at that time. Which will hopefully nip this “sleeping all day” thing in the bud. (it’ll help that the cats like 5 and 6 am for the first “feed me!” of the day. (Fitzy knocked down my oscillating fan shortly after dawn this morning in a fit of “STOP SLEEPING!” I had to put it back together, the front grate fell off! Brat. Now he’s asleep, of course.) Hopefully this will be a good networking opportunity, since I spent an hour on the phone with unemployment today (only 5 of those 60 minutes were spent talking to a person, of course.) Job is WAY better than UI. I WANT TO WORK, LET ME WORK!!


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