I continue to still be alive

I know I haven’t been posting much, I’ve just been busy busy busy.

And today, oversleeping. But mostly, busy.

So I’m making up for it by blogging drunkenly from the floor of the boy’s bedroom as he pets his cat and tries to read reddit on his tablet at the same time.

My legs are SO SORE OH EM GEE I am so glad next week is a recovery week as far as Pump Up Your Jam is concerned because doing my HIIT today, I almost fell down doing low jacks (like jumping jacks, minus the arm movement and in derby stance) I thought I was gonna break the other ankle! I didn’t. Yay!

This weekend is the Midwest Brew Ha Ha and the DC Allstars are skating. I watched their first bout of the weekend tonight; they lost, but they played pretty well. Fairly clean, especially compared to the Dairyland Dolls? Dames? I don’t remember. Anyway, they had someone get ejected for having too many penalties called. That might be more common in other leagues, it hardly ever happens in DC.

My left foot is asleep.


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