Three stars, two bars, one heart; DC!

I just finished watching the DC Allstars take on the Brewcity Bruisers in a super close game at the Midwest BrewHaHa. DC is 44th and Brewcity is 36th in the rankings. Or, wll, they were, I believe that will change a bit after tonight’s bout!!!

I missed the first 10 or 15 minutes, but the game was super close at that point- a 2 point game, with BCB in the lead. DC quickly took the lead as I watched (thanks to and Livestream!) and they kept it and built on it throughout the first half, the score 109-67 at the break. Right before the last jam of the first half, there was a (clean) hit on Ridin’ Dirty that halted play. Dirty hurt her knee, but spent the rest of the game on the bench off skates, not at the ER, so we’re grateful for that! Hopefully she’ll be back on all 8 wheels soon.

Brewcity came into the second half with a new lease on life, taking lead jammer in the first 3 jams and keeping DC down. Pow jumped the apex about halfway through the second half! But Brewcity kept chipping away at our lead until it was a 5 point game! EEK! Frightmare earned us 4 more points of breathing room, and she and Hook’n’Slasher increased our lead over the next several jams. Jersey Jill took lead jammer for the final jam, controlling the game! Both teams fought SO hard, but the final score is DC 242-184 Brewcity! A beautiful hard-fought win!


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