Every day is a day that I can say “I keep my head above the waves”

Post title courtesy of The Jealous Sound‘s “Above the Waves” on the album Kill Them with Kindness

Yesterday when I woke up, all indications pointed to a repeat of the day before. I was tired, I turned off my alarm and went back to sleep. I happened to wake up about 10 minutes before the self-imposed deadline after which Kitty would accost me with gross spider photos and videos and got up only to avoid that.

Then Kitty asked me what was on the agenda for the day. I had lots to do, even though I probably wasn’t going to get around to any of it. So I listed everything I needed to do. And then I actually got started doing it. The most important stuff required me leaving the apartment, which helped because once I was out it was less of a fight. I spent a little too much time on the internet when I got back, but it was relatively easy to get back on track. Yay!

Then I went skating. 😀 My swerves/weaving are coming along nicely, and I decided to start working on hops and jumps, though I only did a couple passes, mostly resulting in falling on my ass. I was working the swerves with my cones and I decided near the end of my session that I’d set up for some hops and jumps before I could psych myself out about them (since a lateral hop is what resulted in my tib/fib fracture last summer)…the lateral hops were super easy and no big deal at all. The jumping with both feet went less well…I landed a few of them but mostly I’m either landing on my heel, and thus only my rear two wheels, which results in falling on my ass, or I don’t drop down into derby stance quickly enough (gotta bend those knees, and not stand straight up when my feet hit the floor) and I lose my balance. So I gotta work on those. But yay, not breaking anything!

Salon has a gorgeously written article on roller derby by Nicomatose of The Chicago Outfit. The Salon version (it was originally on a different site) used an uncredited photo from a DCRG bout or scrimmage, though, which we strongly discourage.


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One response to “Every day is a day that I can say “I keep my head above the waves”

  1. Good to hear about your hops! And working on your to-do list. Keep it up.

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