Weird Week

It’s been super busy in a not at all sort of way. The Boy has a friend visiting who is a big beer nerd and brought west coast beers we can’t get here to share. We all got wasted on Monday and though I wasn’t hung over the next day I wasn’t home, either… A friend of mine’s sister is moving to town, and I offered her my couch, so she’s been here since Tuesday. I’ve only been able to work out once because of migraines and bad timing, and no skating. Several friends are dealing with serious personal tragedies and I suck at that. We just had a storm that lasted, literally, 15 minutes but the weather services have been hyping it for days like it was going to destroy the world. Things are good and bad and I want only good. And to be able to work out and skate more.

Hopefully despite business next week, I’ll have better news/progress to report. Plus, there’s a MADE bout I’m going to Saturday.


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2 responses to “Weird Week

  1. Hope you have a good weekend, Mels.

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