I went skating this morning because I haven’t been skating in ages because this week has been weird. Remember? So I went skating this morning.

I realized that after a couple crossovers, I slowly straighten my left leg, causing me to lose my balance more easily and then I fall.

I also realized that skating through ooey gooey still fresh puddles of bird poop won’t just make you slip and fall, it will flip bits of yuck onto your boot. (I thought it was barf, you guys, it was SO GROSS and there was SO MUCH and I can only imagine that the birds producing it could eat my cats and still be hungry because OH MY GOD there was a lot of it.)

Since my desire to work on my laps was thwarted, I went on to see if I could hold onto my improvement on weaving. The answer is: sometimes. Sometimes it was super easy and others it was ridiculously hard still and I can’t tell what’s wrong except that right before I start the first swerve my body feels wrong. Am I not bending my knees enough? Are my feet too close together? Too far apart? Am I putting too much of my weight on my heels instead of my toes? Am I putting too much weight on my toes to compensate for possibly putting too much weight on my heels? I HAVE NO FREAKIN’ IDEA. But I feel on my left hip/heel of my left hand A LOT and I ended up cutting my skating short (they were just mopping up the bird poop/hobo puke when I geared down) because it felt so bad. My hip was fine, but my hand? YEOUCH! It’s swollen (still!), and it felt like every time it touched the ground I was grinding a small stone into the heel of my thumb. I undid the wrist guard and rewrapped it, but it wasn’t on too loose or too tight or wrong. I decided to practice t and plow stops, because I hardly ever fall doing them, but then I fell, because fuck me, that’s why, and naturally, landed on my left hand AGAIN. I decided it was not meant to be and headed home to do off skates stuff.

While I had been skating, I missed a phone call. I have a job interview next week! That’s all I’m going to say about it for now besides the fact that I have been reading the website for the potential employer and it’s really interesting and I want this job a lot! Although I’d like to talk to the web designer about the universality of page design. (Your navbar shouldn’t be styled differently because you’re on a different page, it looks shoddy and amateurish! Pick ONE stylesheet, apply it to all the pages! SUPER EASY FIX.)

My houseguest has found herself a place, though she will be returning while I am in Philly so she can feed my kitties the 4 meals they’d miss if they didn’t have her coming by when I’m gone. (Seriously, does that make sense to anyone else? Because obviously it makes sense to ME, I wrote it, but the wording and tense shifting is so awkward. Unfortunately, it’s the best I can do in this case….)

Pretty sure June is the best month. And summer is the best season. And The Boy is the BEST Boy. And my friends are the best. And I should stop now before I start freaking myself out but FIRST! A little announcement.

Last Wednesday, there was a fire on Capitol Hill SE. If I remember right, 4 buildings burned. The fire started at Frager’s Hardware store, which has been operating out of that location for 90 years. They’re also a DCRG sponsor. They’ve supported us a lot, and now it’s time we return the favor. That’s why the DC Rollergirls and The Fridge are hosting a benefit concert for Frager’s! All ticket sales from the event will be donated to the Frager’s Fund set up by The Capitol Hill Community Foundation. For $20, you get awesome live music (The Throckmortens, The NativeMakers, Rodney Henry of The Glenmont Popes (AND Dangerously Delicious Pies!), and possibly others!) and to rub elbows with members of the DC Rollergirls. We’ll also have slices of Dangerously Delicious pies (OMG SO GOOD) and beer from DC Brau! Sponsored by DC Brau Brewing Company, Dangerously Delicious Pies and Quicksilver Productions.
Date: Friday, June 21, 2013
Venue: The Fridge, 516 8th Street SE, Rear alley, Washington, DC 20003
Doors at 6:30pm
First band at 7pm



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11 responses to “Ouch!

  1. Good luck with the interview and the fundraiser. Hope your hand feels better. It sounds as if you are feeling better.

  2. Just ran into your blog while looking for interesting people to read (you know… like you run into a truck). Sat grinning through a few of your posts, and following immediately 🙂

    • excellent! always happy to amuse (unless you are laughing at my inability to bite off the lettuce on my hamburger, thus pulling the entire leaf off the patty with the first bite, because I TOTALLY HATE THAT) 🙂

  3. myspace.com/skate101com. check out this myspace. Jenny teaches people how to skate using music. Also go to http://www.skatefm.com then in the bottom right corner click on learn to jamskate. this will show you some of the things you can do on roller skates that you COULD NEVER DO on ice skates. skating backwards, try this, stand with your feet a little bigger than shoulder with apart. Keeping both skates on the floor, weave your skates in and out so that the line on the ground forms an hourglass shape. eventually, the more power you give to the curves, the faster you can go. If you are having problems, concentrate on moving your weight from the inside of your skate wheels to the outside and back. make sure the trucks of your skates have been loosened, as it will greatly help in your ability to maneuver in this drill. When you say spin, do you mean how do you turn around?180 degree turn- front to back. skating at a neutral pace, place your right foot out in front and transfer your weight to it. Lift your left foot off the ground and place it behind your right with the toe facingbackwards ( your heels will be almost touching) . In one movement as your right skate hits the ground, let your left skate come off the floor as you pick it up and turn around so that it also faces the back. The best way to learn to skate is go to a rink so you can see other people skate. Front crossover, As you are coming around the curve,push off with your right foot and transfer your weight to your left foot. As you glide on your left foot, cross your right foot over and in front of your left and transfer your weight back to your right and then reset for another one. Remember there are 2 pushes in a crossover-one from the initial lift-off of the right foot( normal counter clockwise direction) and a toe-flick push from the left foot towards the out side. I hope this helps. KEEP ON ROLLEN. SMOOTH REXER, coach, team CARNEVIL of the Jet City Roller Girls.

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