I left PA this morning with hugs from my cousins and a merry “see you in a few days!” and drove back to DC. The drive was super lovely until googlemaps decided I should be on 295, because 295’s normal traffic is every other road’s dead stop, so the traffic apps don’t even warn you anymore. I got home about 30 minutes later than I expected to, but still with enough time to get ready for and then travel to the interview.

I don’t know how I feel about the interview. In the moment, I felt like it went really fast, it was much shorter than any other job interviews I’ve been on. But it seemed to be going well. The second part of the interview was reading a 4 page thing about some projects they did and then writing up an abstract for it summarizing the content. I was really distracted (I’ve never had to do this at an interview before, and I didn’t even know it was gonna happen until right before I left, although the person who had contacted me about the position seemed to have thought she told me, so either I blocked it out or didn’t hear her. either way, I am glad I knew at least that soon, so I wasn’t totally blindsided.) I think I took a lot longer than they wanted. But I had a nice chat with the guy on our way out and I felt pretty good as I stepped out of the building. But by the time I was on the metro I was having sinking feelings (and they weren’t related to the downward trajectory of the train tracks) and by the time I got to my home station I was positive I bombed and was feeling really down on myself. I can’t tell if this is because I really didn’t do so well, or if the shortness of the interview with the length of the time I took to do the abstract spun my perspective too much, or if it was the fact that I had only had a lot of sour cream and onion chips for breakfast and no lunch before the interview that was affecting my ability to think rationally about it. I ate a serving of Ben and Jerry’s red velvet cake ice cream (but on the plus side, I limited myself to a serving! instead of eating the entire thing, which I was planning on doing) and it, plus my cats being cozy and lovey helped, and I think I might do some jumproping this evening to help endorphize (totally a word!!) my brain. Nothing too strenuous though, because…

tomorrow is the last day of Pump Up Your Jam. Well technically today is, but because of the drive, I knew I wouldn’t be able to do the assessment tests at the same time of day as I did on the first day, which you’re supposed to do, so I pushed it to tomorrow. How much progress have I made? (not enough, I gotta say, because my arms never seemed to be okay with real pushups in the context of an actual workout.) Tomorrow will tell. I’m looking forward to doing other workouts, and incorporating the exercises I learned from Booty Quake into my workouts without feeling OBLIGATED to do her workouts (how many times can I say ‘workouts’ before it loses all meaning?) but I’m looking forward to a week at the beach more. I feel better after working out because I stopped working out. I feel better after skating because I spent time skating, not because it was a workout. I guess I just don’t have the brain of a gym rat. At least, not yet. Everyone says it’ll come eventually. We’ll see.


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