So I had mixed results on my finish line test. You may remember from this post that I had to do a yo-yo test outside and then some strength/endurance tests inside. For the finish line test, you’re doing everything as close to the base line test as possible. I started at noon instead of 11, but it was basically the same, though I had fewer hangups with the stupid timer.

Here’s how the two tests compare:

Baseline Result Finish Line Result
Yo-Yo Test level 4 Level 2
Pushups 18 24
Half-burpees 7 11
plank 30 sec 30 sec
core stage 1, 1 sit up stage 2, 1 sit up

It’s worth noting that during the half burpees and thus also during the plank, it was my arms that gave out today, whereas last time during the burpees my entire body was like OMG DIE PLEASE and during the plank my core was just as sore and willing to stop as my arms if not more so. So Obviously my core is a lot stronger, which is fantastic because it means I’ll be harder to knock down. I also would have done more pushups but my hand hurt where I fell on it last Saturday SO MUCH it was killer. It’s swollen again, and I’m thinking I’ll focus on exercise but not skating next week so that when boot camp starts up in July I’ll be that much more likely to have not reinjured it or made it worse. Though if it still hurts like a mofo to fall on it/put weight on it, I’ll have to talk to a doctor. It feels like a bruise, but I can’t see one, so it might be a bone bruise or a slight fracture (lets hope not!!!!! especially since I don’t have insurance….)

I have no idea what happened with the yoyo test. I felt the same as I had the first time I took it, some pain in the now-mended bones of my right leg, but really not too bad. Hopefully Booty Quake can shed some light.

In other news, there isn’t any other news. Well, I’m sure there is, but all I have is to remind you about the fundraiser for Frager’s Hardware. It’s tomorrow night! At The Fridge! 518 8th Street SE DC rear alley! All deets here, as well as the link to buy tickets! DO IT.

Oh hey, I guess I do have news actually. I signed up for stage one of DCRG boot camp. Before July 6 I’m gonna have to find out which wheels I have that work best at Temple Hills so I don’t have a repeat of last year’s leg breaking debacle. The first stage is the basics, so I debated not doing it, but everyone can always use work on the basics and hopefully it’ll help. This is the beginning of the extremely long try out process! Woo!


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