The Worst Part

Sunday was the last day I had any cymbalta. I can’t get more without a) insurance or b) a doctor’s appointment to get patient assistance paperwork signed (which I can’t afford without insurance, natch)…the most ridiculous things make me tear up. I mean, obviously this is a time when that is normal, what with everything that’s happened in the past few months. And it’s normal when dealing with serotonin withdrawal. So of course it’s normal when one is going through serotonin withdrawal and dealing with all that stuff. But it seems so weird, because generally when I go through withdrawal (I hate that I have had to do it often enough to know what it’s like) I am..different. I feel fine most of the time and then go into a deep depression that usually gets exacerbated by not eating or something. This randomly tearing up as I watch or listen to or read something, and things that don’t seem even slightly related to my grief seem to trigger moments of mourning.



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3 responses to “The Worst Part

  1. Mel, let yourself grieve in whatever way works for you. As you’re finding, something you wouldn’t normally consider to be related will set you off, but just let it. *hugs*

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