My Body is an Asshole and other stories

So I’ve spoken already of my brain’s obnoxious behavior. Last night I intended to go to be around midnight. I was still up at 7 am. I went to sleep around 8 thinking maybe I’d get up around noon and then I could fix my sleep schedule without feeling like I would pass out at any moment. I did wake around noon, but somehow I went from looking at the clock displaying a time during the 12pm hour to looking at the clock displaying a time early in the 5 o’clock hour. So 9 hours of sleep. Good job, me!

I had plans to go to the bank and the grocery store today. When it became clear I wasn’t sleeping, I thought I’d leave the house around 8, get both errands done, and then try to stay up. Oh well.

I had another migraine yesterday. These are going to get more and more regular. Luckily, one dose of maxalt took care of it. This is going to happen more and more often. I worry that without insurance, I won’t be able to work because my migraines will be so bad and so frequent and I’ll have run out of medication so I won’t be able to control them. I’m looking into patient assistance, of course, but I will need a doctor’s appointment in order to get that….

My folks aren’t able to help me out financially anymore (or possibly just not as much, we haven’t had a chance to discuss it yet) so I am reluctant to ask them to cover it, at least until I a) get a job or b) move back home. It’s very frustrating, I got turned down for a job at Wegmans. A grocery store. Where I have 3 years experience.

It’s Granddad’s birthday today. He would be 86, I think.



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3 responses to “My Body is an Asshole and other stories

  1. All I can say is I’m sending you lots of good thoughts and energy, Mels. I hope you find a job soon – one that has health insurance!

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