Saying Goodbye to Lucky Season Seven

Tonight was the Deja Bruise ball, where we celebrate the preceding season of roller derby by dressing up in the style of a decade that was important in derby history; this year was the 1960s. (Don’t tell facebook I’m writing this, I told them I was going to bed. But DERBY YOU GUYS.)

At the party I told everyone The Boy doesn’t like fun, but really he doesn’t like dressing up or hanging out with large groups of people, so I brought a friend with me as my date. She hadn’t volunteered or been to any bouts, so this was my sneaky way to get her interested. πŸ˜‰ I think she had a very good time (though we both had TERRIBLY sore feet after, and we were barefoot for most of the party!) I definitely had a great time. It’s funny, season 5 I went to almost NO non-bout events, because I wasn’t sure if I was gonna be welcome as a volunteer (and because OMG THESE ALMOST-STRANGERS ARE ALMOST STRANGERS, WHAT IF I SAY SOMETHING DUMB?). By the time season 6 rolled around, I knew enough of the skaters and other volunteers to feel comfortable at most after parties etc, but last year’s Deja Bruise, though lots of fun, was still a little out of my comfort zone, and I ended up leaving a bit early simply because I ran out of people who I felt I could safely cling to (and yes, I did totally just end that sentence on a preposition, because as an English major I know that Strunk and White are full of crap and it’s totally fine to do that so SUCK ON THAT, DEAD WHITE GUYS! Yeah, I’m a little punchy. It’s 2:30 am and I’m going on 4 hours sleep here).

This year we stayed until midnight-ish or 12:30? I dunno, later than I expected (because my date and I were both talking about how tired we were beforehand.) I really feel like I’ve found a place with these men and women, they’ve supported me through a lot of crap and are always willing to do a little more.

We arrived shortly before the awards ceremony, and Stan (Standard Deviant) grabbed my hand and dragged me to another room where Limbs was, because we were wearing the same dress from Modcloth (not the one I initially chose, which was a mod little number, blue and pink and nude and with a low, squared open back, I got on sale, but I’m about 10 pounds to heavy for it to look good and also it felt like it was gonna fall off my shoulders at any second, this one is the coach tour dress in herringbone.) So like 6 different people whipped out their cameras/phones and got pics of Limbs and I. Later in the evening, Justin Sanity jokingly mistook me for Limbs, then we decided I was Nega-Limbs πŸ˜€

Oh hey, did I neglect to mention that I won the Volunteer of the Year award? *buffs nails* NBD. I’m just beloved by millions, that’s all. πŸ˜‰ (I’ll share a pic or two of the award next post, it is SO SPARKLY)

Anyway, this is losing cohesiveness so lets just leave it with YAY DERBY and I LOVE DCRG and OH YEAH DCRG IS SCRIMMAGING AGAINST GOTHAM ON THE 27TH AND PLAYING IN THE FIRST DIVISION-TWO PLAYOFFS FOR A CHANCE AT GOING TO CHAMPIONSHIPS ON THE AUGUST 17 WEEKEND IN DES MOINES! (And yes, I did type all those caps the old fashioned way, with my finger on the shift key. APPRECIATE MY FLAWLESS PUNCTUATION!) ❀



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4 responses to “Saying Goodbye to Lucky Season Seven

  1. Congratulations again on your award.

  2. Strongerer

    Congrats! Well-deserved, you are the super volunteer!

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