Winners and Awards

This is just a quickie. Rather than bore you with me whining, I’ll give you one more day before I go back to complaining about withdrawal πŸ˜‰

DCRG’s Season Seven Award Winners:
Tap Star (SOT of the Year) – Flaming Hips (Hips)
Bullzeye Award (Most Feared) – BadAss Maggie (Bam)
Leader of the Pack (Best Pivot) – Stabigail Adams (Stabby)
Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Wiliest Jammer) – Yankee Scandal (Scandal)
Double Trouble (Best Double Threat) – Dual Hitizen (Dual)
You’ve Come A Long Way Baby (Most Improved) – Maiden Sm’Akron (SmAk)
I Bleed DCRG (Most League Spirit) – crissXcrass appleSASS (Sass)
Paparazzi Award (Crowd Favorite) -Sharp Shredder (Shredder)
DCRG Sweetheart (Rollergirl Who Can Do No Wrong) – Marion Barrycuda (Cuda)
Lethal Padding (Stinkiest Pads) – Dyke Diggler (Dig)
Shake A Tail Feather (Best Afterparty Dancer) – Frightmare (Fright)
Rookie of the Year – Kung Pow Kitten (Pow)
Official of the Year – Limbs Akimbo (Limbs)
Most Likely to Catch You Being Naughty – Refsputin (‘Sputin)
NSO of the Year – KGusedtoB (KGB)
RRG of the Year – Hooah Girl (Hooah)
Gone for 60 Seconds (Most Likely to be in the Penalty Box) – Acourta Pain (A-Pain)
Teacher’s Pet Award (Best Attendance) – ZipBlok (Zeebz)
DCRG Most Valuable Rollergirl – VelocityRaptor (Raptor)
Volunteer of the Year – Mels

Photos of the awards in general and the volunteer of the year award in particular:
Witchcrafty made the awards out of old wheels
Witchcrafty made the awards out of old wheels. The black and silver spikey one is the MVRG award, but when Crafty posted the photo, she didn’t say which is which. I said if I won it, I’d wear it all the time and be all “come at me, bro!”

the Volunteer of the Year Award
Volunteer of the Year Award (on a chain of purple and gold mardi gras beads) from the front, with the flash on so you can see how SPARKLY it is

The back of the Volunteer of the Year award
The back of the award; also with flash so you can see all the glitter.
The handmade keychain with my head shot
The handmade keychain with my head shot πŸ™‚



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4 responses to “Winners and Awards

  1. So, not only talented athletes but some crafty people as well. Love shiny things. It’s a beautiful award. πŸ™‚

    • Crafty made the Skate of the Union trophy, too. It’s a golden rollerskate on top of a three-pillar trophy base about 2 feet tall, and at the bottom of the pillars is a spinning!! disco ball and there’s a rear-facing light in front so the disco ball is always shining

  2. Wow! That sounds impressive.

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