Good news, everyone! And other stories

Hello, and welcome to this blog entry. I’m Mels. Our top story tonight: Is your home trying to kill you? (Yes.) But first, we bring you live to Washington DC, where Mels, our employment correspondence has some news.

Thanks, Mels. I spoke earlier today with Mels, about this hot button issue. She told me, “I have a job interview! It’s for a position I applied for a month or two ago and I had assumed my resume was passed over, but I got an email this morning and an interview is scheduled for next week.” Reportedly, she is very excited about the news. Good luck, Mels. And back to you, Mels.

Thank you, Mels, that’s great to hear. And in related news, Mels and her boyfriend have been talking seriously about possible cohabitation. If she gets this job and they move forward on that, she might actually get her student loans paid off before she dies. Good luck to those two crazy kids! And now, here’s Mels with The Weather.

It’s a hot one today, Mels. If you’re planning on going outside, say on a walk to the post office, bring some damn water you idiot. And now to Mels, with Sports.

Wow, Mels, hydration is important! Especially in sports! Like roller derby. Though we’re in the off-season, the derby machine doesn’t stop! This Saturday in Waldorf, MD, the Freedom Belles will be skating against Penn Jersey while up in Baltimore the Charm City Rollergirls will skate against Pioneer Valley and Naptown Rollers. Also on Saturday, this program will be covering the Free State v. Iron Mountain bout up in Rockville, as yours truly dips a toe in the NSO waters. In related news, at the recent Deja Bruise Ball, Velocityraptor offered up the chance to discuss super-basic, inexpensive insurance options in order to get your favorite sports correspondent and mine back on the track! Hopefully we will have more in that ongoing story soon. Now, back to you, Mels.

Thanks, Mels, and good luck with that! Our final story of the night: Mels’ New Mantra. Let’s go to Mels, who is live with Mels.

Thanks Mels! So, Mels, what’s this about a new mantra?

Well, Mels, it’s more a philosophy, but I have to repeatedly remind myself of it. Plus, mantra is a much more fun word to say than philosophy is. The basic idea is that before I say something to anyone (including updating twitter or facebook), I ask myself “how does this help?” The scope is variable; it could be “how does this help this one situation” or “how does this help make the world better?” If I can’t think of a non-selfish answer (ie “It makes me feel superior to lord my awesomeness over the rest of the internet! BOW BEFORE ME!”) then I don’t say it.

Wow, that’s inspiring. You are truly awesome, Mels.

Thank you, Mels, I’ve often thought so myself. Of course, sometimes I forget to ask myself how I’m helping, or I am hanging out with friends who engage via teasing each other so I turn it off. But it’s helped me avoid a lot of pointless internet arguments.

And if that isn’t a noble goal, what is? This is Mels, saying goodnight on behalf of all of us here at LovelyLikeBeestings. Please check out our new tumblr (link in sidebar under timewasters) if you’re looking for library/archives and roller derby reblogs.



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4 responses to “Good news, everyone! And other stories

  1. mrfeighery

    Awesome, good luck on the interview!

  2. mrfeighery

    I tried to leave a comment, don’t know if it worked. Awesome, good luck on the interview!

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