Injuries and Photographs

So remember like a billion years ago when I hurt the heel of my right hand? I haven’t skated since, because of life doing that thing it does, and I have been busy. I still haven’t skated, though I was planning on doing so this past Sunday. I forgot though. The Boy’s cat, Pico, got spayed over the weekend and he needed help putting the elizabethan collar on her, so I did that again. But the point I was ambling toward when I started typing this paragraph is that the other day I was sitting on the floor and leaned back, using my hand to support my weight, and it STILL HURT. Though less, but enough that I didn’t want to support myself on my hand. I wonder if I broke a minor bone in my hand. And then made it worse by doing pushups on it.

In other news, Jason Swarr of Straight 8 Photography would like your backing on a roller derby photography project. Basically, he wants to make a super sweet book of photos highlighting the most intriguing skater personas. I can’t afford to back it financially, of course, but I wanna boost the signal. And naturally, I recommended Frightmare for this, because that’s a no brainer. So go throw some money at this so we can see the awesomest, most over-the-top fun skaters in beautifully shot and ‘shopped scenarios!


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