This evening I and a bevy of skaters from the general DC area (DCRG and Freedom Belles) will be nerding it up at Can’t Stop the Serenity at the Arlington Cinema and Drafthouse. IF you, too, are nerding it up there, feel free to say hi!

While we’re being the awesomest nerds ever, some other (equally awesome, if differently-nerdy) skaters from DCRG will be carhopping it up again tonight at Union Market’s drive in. And I hope to see you at the Rockville Sportsplex tomorrow night at 6 for some awesome flat track action. You can stand by the bench and try to distract me from my penalty timing if you want, but I can’t guarantee that our refs won’t run you down and turn you into fruit by the foot if you do….

I’m too lazy to provide hyperlinks in order to make this post the slightest bit dynamic. I’m tired and I have shit to do. Google at will, people. ❤


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