I might *actually* be regressing

The “nineties” playlist is in constant use (aka the high school/moved to fairfax playlist as it’s largely full of stuff I listened to in 8-12 grades) SO MUCH FLANNEL AND PLAID AND ETHEREAL SKIRTS AND COMBAT BOOTS BEING COMMUNICATED TO MY EARS

it’s exhausting how much everyone ever bothers me. I don’t want to be bothered. I mean, obviously I don’t want to be bothered, who does, but it’s stuff that I could shrug off with my serotonin being regulated.

really, everything is exhausting. Thinking about doing things I want to do is exhausting. Thinking about sleep is exhausting. This might be exacerbated by the fact that I was up until 5:30 am, and insisted on getting up at 10 because WHY NOT?

I am pretty confident that if I would get off my ass and exercise or skate, I’d feel a lot better, but just the energy it takes to get up and walk to the bathroom is enough that I sit here for an extra 5 minutes every time I notice I have to pee. It’s not happening.

I hope I don’t fuck up the interview tomorrow because of this.



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2 responses to “I might *actually* be regressing

  1. You will be fine!! I am sending you lots of energy for your interview! *hugs*

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