So I think it went well?

I dunno, the only thing I’ve really learned about job hunting over the past decade is that when I feel shitty about the interview, I’m right, and otherwise it’s a crapshoot. I don’t feel shitty about this one, so I guess that’s good? I don’t feel super psyched about it either, but then maybe that’s good as generally when I do I don’t get the job, at least not in the past few years.

My suit doesn’t quite fit anymore, which is weird, because I weigh less than I did last time I wore it and my measurements are smaller, but it was too tight. It’s not even made of natural fabrics, it’s not like it shrunk in the closet. It wasn’t ridiculously too tight though, just “oh, I can’t lift my feet up into the car individually, I must sit my ass down first and swing them both in at once” tight. It’s a black sheath with vanilla pinstripes and matching jacket. Over at hiring librarians, they ask people who make the hiring decisions in libraries about bare arms during interviews and the answers vary from “I don’t care” to “ALWAYS” but I don’t think I’ve read one that says “yes please!” so I went cautious and wore the jacket even though it was stifling.

The interview portion was conducted by two people, one who works for the system as a whole and one who works at the Hyattsville branch (which is where the admin offices are, but the job is not at the Hyattsville branch). Since Hyattsville is my local branch, I’ve been helped before by that particular gentleman, and mentioned that when the other interviewer introduced him. (He said “I thought you looked familiar!”) They had a list of 12 questions that they took turns asking, and they were supposed to have a list for me to look at during the interview so I wouldn’t be thrown by anything, but someone must have walked off with it. They tried to find another copy, but all they could find was the list for administrative aides interviews, which was mostly a different set of questions. I think I did okay with the questions, but one of them threw me a little, because they wanted to know what I would do if I was on the phone with a patron who was in a loud place. It seems like such a weird question. I basically said I’d ask if they could find somewhere quieter to talk, and whether they could or couldn’t, I would do my best to answer their questions. *Shrug*

After the interview they had me do some shelf reading, which is a phrase I had not encountered before today*, though the actual deed is something I’ve done before–you look at the titles and labels and make sure everything is where it’s supposed to be, then fix it when stuff isn’t where it should be. Because it’s an interview exercise, they had me stick some index cards next to the books that needed changing. One thing freaked me out on the way home, I think they said to put the cards to the right, but when demonstrating, put them to the left, and I put them to the left when I did it and then driving home I was like “OMG WAIT THEY SAID ‘RIGHT’ WHAT I AM THE WORST” before shrugging it off as something that I couldn’t change. (which, btw, it was a total relief to be able to do.)

After the shelf reading there was a money counting exercise. Lucky for me, Tower Records taught me very well how to count out a register drawer. I had 20 minutes to verify a register count that had some mistakes on it (with fake money–the coins were plastic and had COPY embossed on them, lol) so I counted the money, did the totals, then did it again just to be sure I didn’t make any mistakes. I had 20 minutes but I THINK I did it in 5 or 6. No more than 10. (It was significantly less cash than most of the drawers at Tower generally held at the end of a shift, so it was definitely cake!)

It’s weird knowing that it’s only 2:30. I got up at 8:45 you guys. in the morning. I sort of forgot that you can do stuff besides ‘get up to pee before returning to bed’ before 11 am. I got 8 hours of sleep last night.

I’m still exhausted, though.

Meeting up with a UMD slis student who I met on tumblr next week, exciting!!



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5 responses to “So I think it went well?

  1. mrfeighery

    haha, congratulations on the interview. Yes, shelf reading is full of magic (I use to shelf books at the local library “back in the day”). Hope you hear something soon!

  2. Good luck. It sounds as if it went well. *hugs*

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