Derby Advice

so a prospective skater over on /r/rollerderby asked for insights from current skaters on the sport to help her decide if she wants to skate. Here’s what I told her:

you’re going to fall down. A lot. that’s good.
there will be lots of days when you’re too tired or too sad or whatever to skate. Skate anyway. You’ll feel so much better after.
you’re going to hurt yourself. it’s theoretically possible to go through an entire derby career with only bruises to show for it, but I’ve never met a skater who has.
derby is not just about skating, part one: crosstrain. you wanna be a great skater, you have to work on stamina, strength, flexibility.
derby is not just about skating, part two: you will be required to attend meetings, volunteer at publicity events and fundraisers, and at bouts when you’re not skating.
tips to avoid burn out: learn how to rest. when you are skating it feels so good that when you hurt yourself, you will want to start skating sooner than you should. don’t. when you start, you’ll wanna be on ALL the committees. pick 2-3 for your first season and see if you really have time for all that.

now I just need someone to poke me every day and then shove this list in my face.


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