Take Two

So this weekend, The Boy and I went back to da Burgh for secondary funerary services for Pops. This service was held at the assisted living facility where Mum still lives, so the other residents who couldn’t make it to the service a couple weeks ago could join us. Poppy was interred at the cemetery after the service. The Boy and I skipped the interment because we were tired and he wasn’t feeling well (we got up early and drove to Pittsburgh Saturday morning.) We napped while everyone else went to the cemetery, then continued napping while some of the family left, then had dinner with Mum and some of my aunts and uncles. One of my uncles, knowing that The Boy is a beer nerd, went to 3 Rivers and spent, I am told, 30 minutes deliberating on a pick-your-own 6-pack for us. The Boy was feeling too icky to have a beer but based on the fact that I went in the kitchen and came back to the dinner table with a porter from Deschutes he became seriously intrigued, lol. We made our own trip there to get stuff we can’t get here and considering that they only have like 6 coolers of singles (PA only sells sixers at bars, you go to a liquor store, you gotta buy a case) the selection was pretty killer.

When we got back, we helped clear out some space in the den. While we were gone, the closet was tackled, and when we got back we handled the bookshelves and paperwork (mostly The Boy and I did lots of browsing of the bookshelves. Last time I was there I grabbed a couple books at Mum’s request, but I wasn’t sure if I’d have room for more, or even the ones I’d grabbed, but I figured out at least a temporary solution to that, so I nabbed a bunch more. Pop’s collection of books is much reduced–when they lived in the house, the dining room was a library unto itself, plus there were shelves of books in almost every other room. They pared down a LOT when they moved to the apartment. At that time, I got his copy of Le Morte D’Arthur and dad nabbed Alice’s Adventures and a few other things, and my aunts and uncles each got a book or three to “save.” Poppy pared down his collection to two shelves worth (the shelves, too, were kept) and the ones he kept were mostly amazing, beautiful books. There were many that I wanted but felt greedy taking (or, in the case of Henry Fielding, dishonest, as I hate Fielding, he is SO BORING, and I’d just want it because it’s a beautiful book and a classic.) I ended up with beautiful, generally slipcased copies of Moby Dick, Last of the Mohicans, Mysterious Island, The Tales of Guy de Maupassant, Rip Can Winkle, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories, The Sketchbook of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., The Travels of Marco Polo, Henry James on Italy, and I Portico di Bologna e l’edilizia civile medievale. And Digital Photography for Dummies, but that was entirely utile and not at all because it was beautiful and literature, lol.

We had breakfast with the family this morning and then I helped a little more in the den before we headed out. The Boy was the first boy in a decade or so that I was dating that Mum had met, and she said he seemed very nice and she hopes he sticks around a while. On the drive back we stopped at the United 93 memorial, which was on the way because we were not taking the turnpike. It was lovely, but there was a tourist surrounded by a cloud of perfume who gave me a migraine, so when we got back instead of going roller skating like I had hoped to do, I napped for 2 hours. (The meds had driven out the headache, but postdrome can make me sleepy and the meds often do too, so on top of traveling, I was WIPED.) The Boy stayed up a bit later than I did but I think he ended up going to bed by 6 (at least, based on the timing of IMs and lack of replies after I got up!) It’s been a very busy month, and it’s wearing him out a bit. Next weekend we don’t have anything planned (though by that I mean we don’t have anything big planned–I plan on observing session one of phase two of derby boot camp, and also skating some, and spending some time relaxing with The Boy) so here’s hoping that helps 🙂

While we were in PA, the DC Rollergirls were scrimmaging Gotham’s Wall Street Traitors! We lost, of course, but the score was better than might have been expected–236-87. Then the Capitol Offenders (DC’s pick up team) skated against Free State’s Black-Eyed Suzies, winning 119-91 (you go, Suzies! Great job, ladies!) And while I’m sad to have missed the bout, I’m glad to have had a friend there who reported to me the scores, and that Frightmare and Frak were fierce jammers in their respective bouts (Fright skated with the All Stars against Gotham, and Frak jammed a lot for the CapOffs! J said they were both awesome, too. <3) Check out a couple photos by Gotham's photog, Hale Yeah, at my tumblr (shared with permission! Of course.)


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