Stuff, things, and other stuff.

Sorry about not posting between Sunday and Now. I wanted to but I had shit to do.

A friend of mine in The State On The Other Side Of The City put me up last night so I could go to the doctor this morning without fighting tons of traffic, and the house is situated in a black hole of non-connectivity. I spent my pre-bed time reading and listening to Welcome to Night Vale, which is an AMAZING podcast that all should enjoy. My trip to the doctor went well; she gave me 4 weeks of samples of my Crazy/Migraine prevention meds to hold me over while we wait for the paperwork to be processed. (They didn’t have any samples of my abortives, but I have 3-4 imitrex left. I might try to get samples from the neuro I saw when I was at kaiser, when I go in to get my copy of my medical records, though. Dunno if they’ll give me any, since it’s weird to just show up, but I don’t remember how to call them, so….)

After I went to see the Joss Whedon version of Much Ado About Nothing for almost-half-price at a new theater that opened up sometime after I moved out of VA and which is very expensive and fancy (they sell beer and wine at concessions! but a small popcorn and a vitamin water cost 11 dollars. more than twice the cost of the ticket.) The movie was fantastic, and I wish Joss and Kai would adopt me so I could go home to that home when I go home! I want every single piece of Amy Acker’s wardrobe and some of Jillian Morgese’s too. Everyone was perfect, acting-wise, though there was one moment when Riki Lindholme (who played Conrade) seemed the tiniest bit too flat for me, but I really like what they did with her in general (you know you saw the Brannagh version and was like “this scene is a little homoerotic” when they were first plotting. you know it.) I want to watch it like a billion more times before I talk about it further because the first viewing of any Shakespeare on film is mostly spent wondering about/looking for how the original text is changed and why did they decide to do that and such. But I loved it and yes, Fran really is that attractive in person.

I met up with a friend afterward, because I had not seen here in years because she went to teach in Japan for a bit, and she bought me lunch because she is sweet. We caught up for a little over an hour, which felt like maybe 30 minutes, and then I drove home. By the time I got home I had a migraine starting, but I tried to will it away, because I do not learn from experience apparently. Then I took meds and slept from around 6 until almost 11.

I’ll be going back to bed soon, though. My eyes are like “fuck being open.”

Grandmummy’s sister died yesterday. So that’s funeral 4/death 3 this year.



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3 responses to “Stuff, things, and other stuff.

  1. Oh, Mels, I’m so sorry. That’s way too much for you to have to deal with. 😦 *hugs*

    I’m glad you enjoyed Much Ado, though. I loved it and was glad I went a second time (I will, of course, be buying the DVD) because I was distracted the first time by the gorgeous house – although way too many stairs for me. 🙂

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