New Friends

So last night I met with two new friends. One of them is a tumblarian (and actually posted the tumblr entry that was linked to reddit that made me go “tumblarians? MUST GET TUMBLR”) and the other is one of her fellow students. Both are going to my alma mater starting this fall.

I have a hard time convincing myself to go out and spend time with people I know, sometimes, so I was super nervous about going and meeting new people but it went really well and I had a good time. Yay!

I’m meeting up with my old boss today to see and exhibit on the Gibson Girls that’s at the LoC, that will be interesting.

I screwed up with my meds–I wasn’t thinking and asked for the doctor to prescribe 60mg a day but I’d been on 120 mg a day for 6 months and I’m trying to figure out how to get it fixed–I am planning on calling Lilly (the manufacturer, who offers the patient assistance program) to see if I can just have my doctor call them, and if so, then I’ll call the doc and see if she’ll do so (or someone from her office, or whatever) and I hope it’s a simple as that. Fingers crossed! Trying not to borrow trouble.

Time to apply for more jobs.


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One response to “New Friends

  1. I’m glad you made some new friends.

    Good luck with your job interviews and your meds. *hugs*

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