I want to post and update y’all, but there’s nothing to actually update you with, so….

it’s been two weeks since my interview, haven’t heard anything. assuming I don’t hear anything by 5, I guess I didn’t get it? Still been applying daily to other jobs regardless but I was hoping this one would be a last minute deus ex machina.

My time on the internet not applying to jobs is spent in two ways: getting lost in adorableness or refraining from replying to everything everyone says with either “well at least you have a job” or variations of “seriously, there are real problems in the world, who cares if someone doesn’t like your fandom/disagrees with you civilly/whatever” because that’s a huge bummer and also it’s not like I’ve never been silly or frivolous on the internet.

I woke up this morning and the left side of my neck was ridiculously swollen. I feel fine otherwise and it’s gone down quite a bit but what??

Saturday I’m doing a promotional thing with DCRG that I signed up for a while back, and Sunday morning I’m NSOing for a intraleague scrimmage. It’s ridiculous how happy the email from KGUsedtoB asking me to NSO made me. I’ve recently been told that anything I do that isn’t applying for jobs is a waste of time, but I can’t believe that about something that makes me so happy just being asked if I’m available to be involved.

I’m also down a couple pounds, but it’s an unhealthy weight loss and has nothing to do with being fit (I haven’t worked out but once in the past couple weeks)…I don’t even have to unbutton my shorts to take them off, which would be fine if it was not due to “I can’t afford to buy most protein sources and can’t convince myself that working out will make anything better” which, really, is how I feel about most things right now. “How does this make anything better?” it doesn’t, mostly. And I’m unhappy that I’m unhappy, which is the stupidest thing ever but there you go. If I could just get a job then everything would be okay but.



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4 responses to “update?

  1. Kitty Chandler

    Anything you do that makes you happy, or as happy as you can be, is never a waste of time. If you did nothing but apply for jobs all your waking hours you’d be a miserable wreck, and that wouldn’t help anything including the job search. So that person can go jump.

    Also, it’s entirely possible that skills you pick up doing things that aren’t applying for jobs are things that can go on a resume, if you spin it right. So, hey.

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