Comic Relief

before I get to the comic relief I just want to derbylove a little. Frak You and Deadly Lamar have both shared job opportunities from their employers, and it just made me cry to know that the ladies (and gents!) in the league have my back and want to help, particularly now that my main support (other than The Boy, of course) is cut off. (and yes, I’m working on those applications.)

Okay, comic relief! If you’ve read any of the other entries you know exactly how much of my daily focus is on stressful stuff. Dreams are supposed to be your brain’s way of processing anxieties, right? Well my brain apparently is sick of worrying about real things, but it still wants to worry, I guess, because I totally dreamed that I woke up with a mullet that grew overnight and it was SO UPSETTING.





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4 responses to “Comic Relief

  1. That is pretty much my textbook definition of a bad thing – anything happening to my hair.

  2. This just made me laugh!

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