Not dead yet

On Saturday my parents agreed to let me move home, but they are too busy to let me move home until October at the earliest, so they’re helping me financially for the next two months, so I have a bit of a reprieve, and hopefully I can get a job before then and will be able to stay here.

On Sunday I NSOed for a DCRG-hosted intraleague scrimmage. It was a little bit trial-by-fire. KGUsedtoB contacted mostly new NSO types for this to give us some training. He and two other seasoned NSOs each ran a different part–he was scoreboard, another was center-of-the-track (penalty tracking), and a third (Standard Deviant, my skating buddy) ran the penalty box. There were 3 teams (it was Hawaiian themed, so great white sharks, nene geese, and manta rays) and two skated against each other for half an hour, then one of them skated against the third while the other rested, etc etc. The whole scrimmage was around 4 hours (though not all of that was skating, because there was some set up to be done first). For each half hour, the new NSOs were at a different station for the first 5 periods (which meant we did 2 of them twice). The last half hour was an “unsupervised” one, where the NSOs teaching us what to do gave us assignments and then retreated to let us run the show. Stan picked me for penalty box, along with another guy and a girl who refs up in Jersey and had decided to come down and help out with the scrimmage. (She also helped manage Don Gatto and I when we were scorekeeping, letting KGB check on the other stations.) I liked the box (penalty timing) best, and scorekeeping as well, and found penalty tracking in the middle a bit overwhelming (it’s hard to hear the calls, even when you’re only 10-15 feet from the refs) so I’m hoping that during practices and scrimmages I can work on that while doing box timing or scorekeeping during actual bouts.

Spent most of Monday in bed–it’s tough, I’m definitely experiencing depression in a big way. But The Boy bought me a ticket to a screening of The Last Unicorn with Peter S Beagle last night, so I dragged myself out of bed and got cleaned up in time. I’ve talked about how derby’s saved my life, but I’d never have made it to where I discovered derby if not for Beagle’s work, which has been a comfort and a distraction through many a dark time. After the screening, Peter and Connor Cochran (who distributes Peter’s work and has worked tirelessly to help him after he was screwed out of what he was owed for a lot of his work) answered questions, and then Peter did a signing. I hadn’t brought anything to be signed, I just wanted to thank him though I ended up buying a chapbook because it had stories I hadn’t seen before and it was inexpensive enough and he signed that. He was great to talk to and I wish I could have talked to him a bit more but I tend to clam up around people I admire, so I’m just glad I got to thank him for his work.

Despite only being up 6 or 8 hours, I slept through the night, which is a bad sign as far as the depression goes, but I got up before 10:30, and have been doing stuff, so that’s good.

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  1. *hugs*

    I have my fingers crossed that you find something soon.

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