Now more than ever we are full of blood and honey.

Oh, Night Vale, such a lovely desert community with a lovely, desert community radio station that shares lovely desert community folkisms.

It is both silly and sad that the victories of the past two days are so small, but that’s where we are, so lets get to listing:
yesterday I showered! Woo!
Today I showered, and cleaned the litter box, and went grocery shopping. This was apparently exhausting, as it required a late afternoon nap.
I intend to do two loads of dishes tonight before bed, because I’m running out of glasses and also the kitchen is a mess. Dishes are my least-favorite chore, alas.

So that’s what’s up here. DC Allstars are skating in the division 2 tournament in Iowa this weekend, kick ass ladies!

I should really have a depression tag.



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3 responses to “Now more than ever we are full of blood and honey.

  1. I walked to the cheese shop and bought cheese and crackers then to the bus to Safeway and the bank machine and came home. So I think you win in terms of getting things done today. 🙂

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