in beating back depression news, today I: got an assload of dishes done, paid a parking ticket, took the stairs everywhere instead of the elevator, returned my library books and got some new ones, and got a potential job offer.

I’m not gonna talk much about it because it is dependent on not-me factors (they’re waiting to hear if they won a contract-if they did, they’re interested in me, if not, they are not) and I’m going to keep looking for other positions because it’s not definite and I won’t know for another month-plus if they won the contract (I think) but still! Cause for celebration.

Now I have to do laundry because I am almost out of underwear.

Just over an hour until DCRG takes the track versus Jet City in Des Moines!! (that link is to the live feed for the entire weekend–if you can’t catch us, you can still catch a great deal of awesome derby!)


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  1. Good for you – on all counts!

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