Derby filled weekend

So the All-Stars competed in the Division 2 playoffs in Des Moines, Iowa over the weekend. Games Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The National Mauler’s skated against Charm City’s Female Trouble Saturday night in Baltimore. I watched all but the Sunday morning game. The Sunday morning game is the only one we won. I am obviously a jinx! Alas. We wentin sedded 4th, left seeded 9th. Penalty minutes, particularly jammer minutes, were our bane at divisionals, plus an error on the part of one of the NSOs during the 2nd game, resulting in the other team getting 5 points added to their score after the final jam 😦 It was a super close and exciting game, which, as a fan I usually like, but I want a bit less drama and 100% fewer clerical errors when it’s my league skating! And while Omaha’s team was the beneficiary I suspect they’d ALSO prefer to avoid such errors. After the final jam there were 3 or 4 nervewracking minutes while coaches, refs, and NSOs consulted. Refs and officials are human, of course, and humans make mistakes (god knows I make tons) but during the first tournament of playoffs is probably the worst time for them, and I hope that in the future if there is a similar mistake suspected, it gets addressed before the final jam. This is on players, coaches, refs and NSOs alike–if you’re a jammer who thinks your score is wrong, talk to your captain or your coach right away. If you’re the captain or coach, talk to the refs right away. If you’re the scorekeeping NSO and you aren’t 100% positive you got all the points down, check with your jammer ref. And from my extremely limited experience as a score keeper, jammer refs often like to check at the end of a game to make sure the scores written down by the scorekeeper look right–at tournaments, perhaps we should require this to happen before the final jam, as it affects team strategy in a MAJOR way.

Regardless of unfortunate events, the DC All-Stars skated beautifully, and so did the Maulers up in Baltimore! They were skating against a much more experienced team with many of their players and bench staff in Des Moines, but that didn’t keep them down and they gave Female Trouble a decent challenge, particularly in the second half. On Friday my cousin called and asked if I wanted to meet up with him and his girlfriend Saturday afternoon, so we hit the Hirshhorn for a bit before heading to the derby bout. G and B hadn’t seen any derby before, and B was enthralled. She also got to see an old friend of hers who skates with DC, so that was cool. Charm has a great set up, vendor-wise. They can bring in outside vendors to sell all sorts of food and drinks, unlike our contract with the armory (the armory has it’s own contracts with food and beverage vendors, so we can only do the bake sale and non-food vendors) so The Boy and Puppy were delighted to find beer more suited to their snobby palates (plus, dangerously Delicious pies. We sell some (by the piece) at the bake sale table, but Charm gets to have them actually come and sell their savory and sweet pies (and they brought Baltimore Bomb, which is the most delicious pie ever.)

Sunday morning I had brought with G and B before they headed back home, which is why I missed DCs final playoff game. Today I’ve been bombarded by media that makes me cry (why is everything I’m watching having people die or have fatal diseases and shit? WHY?) so I’m taking a mental health day and then tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m gonna actually get some wheels underfoot and try to remember how to skate.


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